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Big Brawler as he appeared during the classic G.I. Joe cartoon. (No, not really.)

Big Brawler was introduced to the Joe Universe in 2001. He was a v1 Outback body with a newly sculpted head that bore a striking resemblance to ambiguous home decor guru Christopher Lowell. Overall most people in the Joe community hated him, but we here at embraced him as a camp character. There actually seem to be two Brawler personalities. One is an effeminate fellow, while the other the exaggerated rough-and-tumble character described in Brawler's original filecard.


The Brawlin' Sword

When a Big Brawler figure was released by Funskool in India, he was accessorized with a sword. No one knows why, but we can only assume that Brawler acquired yet another skill to go with all those on the aforementioned filecard.

Big Brawler Day

The site recognizes July 3rd as the official Big Brawler day. Members are encouraged to post their favorite Big Brawler pics, tell Big Brawler stories, and Brawl Big throughout the day.

Brawler Lore

  • He once breast-fed an injured flamingo back to health.
  • He used to jog around the block with a fridge on his back!
  • His poop is considered currency in Argentina!
  • When Brawler farts, staples shaped like donkeys erupt from his anus. Nobody is quite sure why this happens, but it is believed it has something to do with his animal magnatism.

(Yes, this is from the SNL Bill Brasky's Funeral Sketch.)

Brawler Dios

Do you have any dio's featuring the brawlinest Brawler that ever brawled in a brawl? Put them here?

More Brawler Photos

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