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JoeCustoms.com is proud to present July 2010's Featured Customizer, bcost74. He has tackled every form of GI Joe. He's mastered customizing figures, vehicles, and playsets. His work covers all genres, pulling characters from all kinds of media. His Cyborg Dreadnoks have to be seen. After reading what he has to say about the hobby please go check out all of his customs in the Gallery

Thank you for choosing me as a "Featured Customizer of the Month." This is a great honor and I appreciate being chosen. There is no better honor, in my opinion, for a customizer than to be chosen as a Featured Customizer. There are so many great customizers and I hope that they all get the same opportunity.


Which style of figures do you enjoy customizing the most?

I have customized every style from the original O-ring body to the modern style figures. I have even swapped parts from the new sculpt with parts from the old style. The style of figure which I use is manly governed by what the custom is going to be.

What brand of paint do you prefer?

For most of my work I use Folk Art Craft acrylic paint but also use Reaper miniatures paints. Instead of keeping a large supply of paints, I mostly keep several primary colors which I mix for the various colors and shades. With my Folk Art paints I have red, blue, yellow, lime green, black, white and silver. Combined in different ways I can create a complete spectrum of colors.

Where do you find inspiration for your customs?

Inspiration can come from anywhere. I have been inspired by film, video games, other customizers and my own vivid imagination. Sometimes inspiration can come from a small item; such was the case with my Steam Punk custom rider and vehicle. I was inspired to create a Steam Punk custom after looking at the goggles that came with the Dusty figure from the DVD pack "Arise Serpentor, Arise!"

What do you consider to be your best tools of the trade?

The best tool for customizing in my opinion is my old computer desk and chair. I have a large collection of hand tools; dremel, files, hand saws, exacto knife, sand paper and blocks, epoxies, etc., but none of this is as important as a comfortable area to work in. Prior to getting the desk, I used to work on my customs on my kitchen counter, which always posed a problem when I had to cook dinner. I would spend hours cleaning up and moving a custom that was not yet completed.

What is your strongest area when it comes to customizing?

I do not think that I am strong in one particular area. I try new techniques learned and shared by other customizers. I do have a knack at making hand made weapons, especially working wooden bows and arrows in 1:18th scale. If this question was asked of my friends they might say that my strongest area is coming up with an amazing concept and executing it.

Message for all new customizers, keep at it and do not give up. Practice new techniques and try some thing that no body has tried yet. None of the customizers Featured before woke up making great customs, we all began ruining our figures until we learned what worked and what does not. I am glad that there is a place, JoeCustoms.com, where we can share our work and what we have learned over the years of customizing.

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