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This is a compiled list of all the acronyms and abbreviations used for discussion and trades/sales on the board.



25A = 25th Anniversary style figure or vehicle

30th = 30th Anniversary figures and vehicles

50th = 50th Anniversary figures and vehicles


AotC = Star Wars Attack of the Clones

AR = Codename: Iowa's Assembly Required

ARAH = A Real American Hero (Original 3 3/4 Joe Line), may also be RAH

AT = Adventure Team


BBi = Blue Box toys/Elite Forces figures or vehicles

BBTS = Big Bad Toy Store

BF2000 = Battle Force 2000

BFS = Boss Fight Studio toy makers of HACKS figures

BnB = Jakks Build n Brawl WWE line of Wrestling and MMA figures


CC = Cobra Commander

CG = Crimson Guard

CJC = Canadian Joe Con


DCIH = DC comics Infinite Heroes, 3 3/4" comic figures

DCUC = DC comics Universe Classics 6" line of figures

DTC = Direct to Consumer figures

DDP = Devil's Due Publishing


FC = file card

fig = figure

FF = Firefly

FFC = full file card

FSS = Figure Subscription Service (offered by the GI Joe Collectors Club)


GIJCC = GI Joe Collector's Club

GP = Group Project


H or HAS = Hasbro

HACKS = Highly Articulated Customizable Kit System by Boss Fight Studio

HT =



IG = Iron Grenadier


JBL = Joe Battlelines website

JC = JoeCustoms

JCW = JoeCustoms Wrestling

JvC = Joe vs Cobra figures


LBC = Lazy Bastard Custom, a custom with very little or no painting involved and no other modifications


MC = Master Collector, the owner's of Fun Publications and the GIJCC and Transformers Club

ME = Modern Era = a catch all for the newest figure construction used for 25th/RoC/PoC/30th

MIB = Mint in Box, the box may have been opened but all contents are inside

MISB = Mint in Sealed Box, the box has never been opened

ML = Marvel Legends, 1/12 (6 inch) scale Marvel characters

MLC = Mint, Loose, Complete

MOC = Mint on Card

MTF = Marauder Task Force action figures by Marauder Inc.

MU = Marvel Universe 3 3/4" compatible line also made by Hasbro


RoC = Rise of Cobra live action movie and related toys, videogames, and merchandise


PoA/POA = Points of Articulation, parts that move on a figure

PoC = Pursuit of Cobra branding of the modern era/25th style of figures and vehicles

POTF = Power of the Force, original Kenner brand designation for 1985 Star Wars figures

POTF2 = Power of the Force 2, the Hasbro/Kenner brand designation for the Star Wars figure relaunch in 1995


NF = Night Force

NJC = No Joe Challenge


PoA = Points of Articulation (joints for limb movement)

PP = Python Patrol

PTE = Power Team Elite


SB = Steel Brigade

SC = Sideshow Collectibles, makers of GI Joe 12 inch figures

SE = Snake Eyes

SE and SS = Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow

SHS = Super Hero Showdown, 1/18 Marvel characters from when Toybiz held the license

SM = Slaughters Marauders

SP = Sky Patrol

SS = Storm Shadow, Skystriker, or GIJCC Subscription Service

SW = Star Wars


TF = Tiger Force or Transformers

TRU = Toys R Us


veh = vehicle

VvV = Valor vs Venom figures


WIP = Work In Progress, an unfinished custom

WM = Wal-Mart

WOJM = What's on Joe Mind podcast

WW = Wild Weasel


XD = 21st Century Xtreme Detail figures or vehicles


YJ = Yojoe website

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