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How did you get started customizing?

When I was a kid I used to repaint and add cardboard pieces to my GI Joes and turn them into the X-men. Then about ten years ago Toyfare had a custom contest and the grand prize was a newfangled contraption called a DVD player. I desperately wanted one so I made crappy Ninja Scroll customs. I definitely didn't win but I had so much fun making them that I haven't stopped since.

What is your favorite custom that you have worked on?

That would have to be either the 6" Joker or Lady Jaye. With Joker, that type of part swapping and sculpting wasn't commonplace in customizing at the time, so it was a turning point for me. It really opened my eyes and everything else I've done since then is a derivative off that figure. And Lady Jaye because I can still look at her and not be angry at what I've made.



Which custom project has given you the most trouble?

I haven't really considered any of them as trouble. Whatever difficulties a project might bring, the sheer fun factor of customizing completely drowns out everything else for me. Finding unique solutions is part of the enjoyment. If anything, doing the same custom over again gives me trouble. It's not as exciting as figuring something out the first time, and as I learned early on, it's just not worth doing.

Who are some of your favorite customizers?

Arkenyon, Bill Burns, Casimir and Iron Cow were definitely my favorites and inspirations when I first started. Modern artists like Glorbes and Sillof always provide unique renditions to a character. And Alyosha's Joes and Frenzy Rumble's Transformers never disappoints.

Your Marvel Legends Snake Eyes customs recently sold on eBay for $999.00. Did that high of an amount surprise you?

Yea that was definitely unexpected, I'm flattered people liked him.

2d snakeyes2.jpg

Speaking of Marvel Legends GI Joe customs, why do you prefer that scale to the 3 3/4" that those GI Joes came in?

I collect a lot of different toylines, so I love seeing the characters done in a different toy style or viewpoint, and marvel legends was quite popular at the time. A few years ago I prolly would have added that I did it because you couldn't get that type of detail on 3 3/4" figures, and I would be horribly horribly wrong.

If money, time, and/or space weren't a problem, what dream project would you love to tackle?

Honestly it would actually be something quite unimaginative for having no constraints. I have a ton of Joe vehicles that I'd love to mod and repaint but I never have the time. That's still my dream project.

You got to give Jackson Publick (creator and voice actor for the Venture Bros. cartoon) one of your Brock Samson customs. How high would you rank that in your life experiences? More importantly, with season 4 coming soon, can we expect more Venture bros. customs?

That was pretty high up there, but it got toppled a few weeks later when I got the call from Hasbro. I definitely rode the high in that experience and thanks to friends, it became more exciting than it probably was in reality. I have the main cast of Venture Brothers characters blocked out in rough form for a year now, I just haven't gotten around to working on them again.


Wait, back up a sec, why did Hasbro call?

They were looking for sculptors at the time and thankfully didn't think my stuff was too bad.

What's the most frequently asked question you get from other customizers?

What kind of paint I use. I mostly use Citadel or Warhammer paints. I like them because they're vibrant and quick to use. They have a wide enough palette selection so I don't have to mix anything.

If you could put one GI Joe figure and one vehicle into a time capsule for another generation to discover, which ones would they be and why.

For the figure it would have to be the 25th anniversary B.A.T. That design will always be cool regardless of any generation. As for the vehicle I would put the Cobra Earthquake. I don't care about what people say about those early 90's vehicles heh, that thing is one fun toy. The play feature on the mortars is genius.

You can see more of 2dtoys work on his web site http://www.2dtoys.com/ He does some truly awe inspiring work in progress pictures so you can see how truly talented he is.

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