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A lot of people have asked about my technique for paint Tiger Force figures and Lance asked me to put together a little tutorial, so I hope this will be a help to everyone.

Paints & Colors

Citadel Paints
The best paints I've found are Citadel Colours, made by the people who make Warhammer and sold by Games Workshop and most hobby stores. They're water-based paints, which means easy clean up and they dry very quickly. Usually one coat is all you'll need, the exception being white or yellow.

These are the colors I've found to be the closest to the original Tiger Force colors.

  • Scab Red is similar to the red on Duke and Dusty's collars.
  • Scorched Brown is a match for the brown used for belts and Hawk's jacket.
  • Enchanted Blue is similar to the blue on Stalker and Dial-tone.
  • Ice Blue is a dead match to Sneak Peek's pants.
  • Snakebite Leather is close to Duke's pants and Lifeline's hat.
  • Bubonic Brown is actually more yellow, like Big Brawler's shirt. This is my default yellow.
  • Dark Angels Green is dead on to Dusty and Roadblock's green.
  • Midnight Blue is just like Recondo's hat and Psyche-out's pants.
  • Dark Flesh is an exact match for the brown on Roadblock and Tripwire.
  • Blazing Orange is a close match to the orange found in most Tiger Force figures.
  • For black, I'm found I prefer the Testor Model Master's Acryl Flat Black. It goes on smoother and doesn't chip.

Painting Black Stripes

Micron pen
For stripe details in black, I use a Micron pen; I prefer the .005 tip.

These are available at most art stores for around $3. Once the base coat is dry, I draw on the shape of the stripes I want, then paint them in with black.

Painting Colored Stripes

To paint a colored stripe, here is the method I use:

  1. Paint the base color of the area to get the stripe.
  2. Use the color you want, paint the basic design of the stripe.
  3. Sharpen up the lines with the base color.
  4. Paint in any more base areas.
  5. Paint in the details. For belts and straps, I find it easier to paint them when the figure is disassembled. The gold I use for Tiger Force is Testors Model Master Acryl, it goes on more evenly than Citadel Colours golds and it doesn't dry chunky.

Tiger Force Patterns

Here are the different Tiger Force patterns and the paints I suggest using:


I hope this proves useful to anyone who wants to paint up his or her own Tiger Force figures. If I can get a system that works consistently, I may write one of these for Tiger Force vehicles.

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