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"Grind It Down For Tech Detail" has become something of a running joke for me - whether it's how I describe a vehicle's value or worth, or even just an excuse to have tubs and tubs of Rubbermaid containers full of vehicle shells stacked up in my garage - but what does it really mean, and what can a person really do with it?

Well, here's my answer on how to "Grind It Down For Tech Detail." Granted, I have some power tools at my disposal to help me out, but the same things can be done with cheap hand tools from the hardware store -- it would just take a little longer.

My two main tools: a bandsaw and a bench sander:

And the main ingredient, fodder:

If you are interested in this 'Grinding Down For Tech Detail' part of the hobby, I would recommend investing in some power tools. Yes, this can all be done with hand tools, and it's probably very rewarding... :shifty: But to really make good use of your time, the tools are a good investment. In order of importance and use (speaking for this hobby only) - I would first recommend the Bench Sander. Vehicle shells can be broken down any number of ways, including just breaking them -- but you can really dial in to what you want out of the detail with the bench sander -- and it's fast! The second tool I would recommend is the Band Saw. I would totally take this over any other saw, just from it's multi-purpose abilities. It especially outshines the Scroll saw simply in the fact that the blade only moves in one direction, which actually helps to hold the piece you're cutting to the table. The third item would be a Tablesaw with the Grinding blade -- but that's truly for the die-hards.

Finally, I would just like to mention that I've found it makes good sense to organize your tech detail. I've used a number of different ways, including labeled boxes, clear containers, and even just very specific containers, like my 'spring loaded weapons tech detail' cigar box -

Just dumping all your tech detail back into a big container makes it hard to use, and if you're not going to use it, why make it?

Good luck, be safe, and check out tomorrow's article, where I make some stuff out of this junk...

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