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Based on catilla's instructional post on, this article contains variations on how to make a chemical reaction using peroxide and direct sunlight to whiten sun yellow GI Joe parts. The general idea is to place the figure or parts in a clear container filled with peroxide and then let it sit outside in direct bright sunshine. A jar or clear plastic bin work best because they will have lids that will prevent the peroxide from evaporating quickly, allowing the experiment to be continued for a longer duration and for the peroxide to be re-used. The effects somehow whiten the once yellowed parts. However, they also make the non-white colored parts and paint paler in color as well. Caution should be used whenever handling chemicals. Please use the proper protective gear if you plan to duplicate this process for yourself, that means gloves, a breathing mask, and a well ventilated work area.


Darko Method

I used a much less powerful form of hydrogen peroxide than the guy [from] did (he used a 30% blend, I used the 3% type you can get at drugstores in the first aid section). It's simple enough to set up.

-Get a clear plastic container -fill with hydrogen peroxide -put yellowed figures/parts in -set container in as direct of sunlight as you can find.

For this experiment, I used a yellowed v1 Storm Shadow and a yellowed Armortech BAAT. I used the bat because I know, for a fact, that its discoloring WAS DEFINITELY CAUSED BY SUN DAMAGE. It's from my childhood collection, and sat with its back to an open window for about two years after I moved out of the house. When I reclaimed it, it was the hideous yellow you see below. I can't vouch for the Storm Shadow, but it has all of the earmarks of a sun-damaged figure (as opposed to smoke damage or ground-in dirt).

I would love to give an exact time-frame that this works in, but I cannot. Direct sun is very, very, important to this, and about an hour after I set the experiment up, we started having bad weather with only sporadic sun-bursts.

Here are the results, before pictures on the left, after on the right:


Baat before and after.jpg

The baat did the best of the two. There's some minimal discoloring still present (kind of a light cream color, but huge improvement over the original), mainly where it wasn't getting hit by the sun. Again, direct sun is very important.

Storm Shadow:

StormShadow before and after.jpg

Storm Shadow had pretty positive results, too. As you can see, his arm is still a bit discolored (again, it wasn't getting direct sun). Also, the crack in the torso was there before he went in the peroxide. That's not a product of it.

As you can see, the hydrogen peroxide doesn't damage the figures at all, or the original paint. If I did it again, I'd probably disassemble the Storm Shadow (I imagine it's not good for the hardware), but no noticeable damage to the screws, t-bar, or o-ring can be seen. I'm going to try dipping a discolored POTF2 Boba Fett (again from my childhood collection...sat in the same window as the BAAT...really should have closed that window) to see how it does with that type of plastic.

remster_9 method

For the more detailed instructions see remster-9's Whitening with peroxyde article.

For the short version please read below.


Today was very sunny, so I tested the 35% [peroxide] on a yellowed Stretcher. The chest and upper arms have yellowed, as well as the upper legs. The lower legs seem fine. Notice how vibrant the red on the insignia is?


Two hours later:

Now the stuff works very fast in direct warm sunlight. This only took two hours. The arms and chest are now a clean light gray. However the insignia is now a pale shade of red. Also, the skin tone on the forearms has been affected - it's now a greenish kind of brown, whereas it was solid brown before the experiment.

Finally, the upper legs are a clearer gray... but so are the lower legs, which seem lighter than before, and are not the same shade as the thighs.

So mixed results, given the great effects it has on gray and white, but the side effects on skin tones and bright colors (red, orange, yellow etc).

I'll definitely want to try this on my Skystriker though!

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