Sculpting Removable Armor

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First Step Gather your materials:

  • Base Figure
  • Plumbers Tape
  • Keadatite Blue/Yellow (also known as Green Stuff [G.S.])
  • Scultping tools

Preparing the Body and Head

You begin by mummifying the figure who is getting the armor in the plumbers tape. In this case we are using Beachhead since he has a nice smooth torso. Wrap enough of the plumbers tape around the body to completely cover the areas near and under where you want the armor to be worn. Covering more areas than you think you need is a good way to make sure it doesnt get stuck to anything unintentionally. Since we’ll be making a helmet and torso armor, those are the areas that get covered.



Here we start with a basic cap hemet if you like. Remember it is always easier to put more on that to take it off later.

After the helmet you want to begin building the basic foundation of the gear. Start with a couple small coils of G.S. and make a collar. When you make the collar, be sure to leave enough room to slip it off the figure. We are making removable armor remember. If it cant come off it defeats the point. I wrapped extra tape around the neck to remind myself to leave enough space.

Remember always start with less G.S. than you think you need. I never mix more than a 1/4 inch strip of G.S. at a time. you cant put it back once you mix it.

Now add some bulk. To both the front and back of the armor and begin some smoothing.

Once you start to get a feeling for what you want begin adding in extras and more details. The hose is a small piece of headphone wire. Add a little extra G.S. to make a receiver on both end. After this I decided to go with a full faceplate on the helmet.

Details and cleanup

Use your tools, especially those with a knife edge to their full advantage. Keep them wet either by licking or dipping them. This keeps them from sticking to the G.S. If your fingers and tools are dry its like working with chewed gum it will stick to everything.

G.S. takes texture incredibly well as I am sure you will find out when you have fingerprints on everything. I used the finger grip of an exacto knife for the texture and a small phillips head bolt for the impressions. I recommend putting on texture first then sculpting the final details this way you don't squish out your forms.

Just a few more edges to clean and allow it to cure. Remember wait at least two hours before removing. You want the G.S. to be completely set. It will remain flexible enough to remove just don't go crazy pulling on it. Peel up and edge and lift carefully.

for very fine lines and details allow it to set a little bit, when its a tad firmer you will get crisper lines.

When your all done, let the figure sit for a couple of hours and alow the G.S. to harden.

Finishing up

After the Green Stuff has set up you can take the armor off the figure and remove the plumbers tape. Thats all there is too it.

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