Sculpting Ninja Arms

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  • Figure Parts (Arms)
  • Sculpting Tool
  • Green Stuff (Kneadatite)

Ninja arms 1.jpg

Keep some water nearby to keep your tool and fingers wet so the green stuff won't stick to them.

Mixing and applying Green Stuff

Next mix some green stuff (equal amounts blue and yellow). Then roll it into a 'snake' and put it around the arm just above the wrist wraps.

Ninja arms 2.jpg

Using your finger, blend the green stuff in toward the elbow joint. Be sure to keep the joint clear.

Ninja arms 3.jpg

Sculpting sleeve details

Once the green stuff is applied use the curved, rounded end of the tool, make some 'folds'. Use another figure or photos for reference.

Ninja arms 4.jpg

Add more 'folds' above the ones you first made, using the same end of the tool. You're trying to make them pop out a little more here.

Ninja arms 5.jpg

Adding hand pads

Once you feel that you’ve made enough folds it’s time to sculpt the hand pads. Take a small blob of green stuff and stick it on the back of the hand.

Ninja arms 6.jpg

Next flatten the blob out, making sure to cover the entire back of the hand.

Ninja arms 7.jpg

Using the pointed, spade like end of the tool; make a line that goes around the edge of the pad.

Ninja arms 8.jpg

Now using the curved end again, add some dimples to the pad. This will help make it look puffy.

Ninja arms 9.jpg

Adding finger ties

Time to add the finger tie. Take a tiny blob of green stuff and add it above the middle finger.

Ninja arms 10.jpg

Start to cut out the tie using the spade end of the tool.

Ninja arms 11.jpg

Next shape the ties and cut and clear away more of the green stuff.

Ninja arms 12.jpg

Finished product

Once you’re satisfied with it, you should have something that looks like this

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