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by Raptor

Originally written as a portion of "Completing Your Holiday Wishlist or Daddy wants a new bandsaw" in the December 2010 JoeCanuck Newsletter



It was [JoeMichaels70 who] actually got me on the power tool kick. I regularly use a bandsaw, and a drill press as well as the digital caliper. For instance let's say you wanted to put a ROC foot at the end of a VvsV leg to get a swivel ankle.

Use the bandsaw to cut

Use the bandsaw to cut off the old foot.

Raptor bandsaw.jpg

Use the digital caliper to measure

Measure the width of the foot stem with the digital caliper, subtracting .1mm for a tight fit. Measure the length of the foot stem with the digital caliper and make a mark on the drill at depth. Pick the right sized bit with the caliper. Drill the hole with the drill press.


Use a sanding attachment

Use a cone shaped sanding attachment to make a socket for the foot ball.


Finish him

Put foot in hole.

Done - total time 10 minutes. Do that with your dremel. ;-)

The Neo Viper pictured has legs from one of the night force VvsV figures, with his own feet, which keeps most of his posability and gives him less spindly looking legs.


Portable bandsaw info

It's a portable band saw from Canadian Tire. Not sure if you have those stateside. ;-) If you add the little station it's perfect for doing the little detailed joe work, but pull it out of the station and it'll cut tree branches and steel tubing. It was a [birthday gift from my wife], but the rig was a little more expensive than I would have gone for just customizing stuff, but that said, it's a full loop band saw that works like a hacksaw on steroids, and weighs less than 4 pounds. It'll go through a hardened bike lock in about a minute and fits in a backpack. (shifty, shifty) I've cut a lot of stuff with it because the portability is outstanding. If you're ever up here and are looking for it, it's a Mastercraft Maximum. But since you're in the states, I know Milwaukee makes a similar one, which will likely be better quality and about the same price.

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