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General Fan Sites

  • Army4One - A Christian organized message board for Joe fans to discuss their faith, and well, anything else.
  • BFTB - Site and forum focusing on the Action Force line
  • Joe's G.I.Joe site - Customs, info, fan stories, and lots of other things.
  • - The largest GI Joe discussion forum
  • Joe*Battlelines - Home of the Daily News, figure reviews, as well as the ever-popular Magnum6Delta and Sigma6Central!
  • - Fan submitted dio-shots and files for making your own dioramas
  • - A Canadian GI Joe forum and the only place you'll find info on the annual Joe Canuck Meet.
  • KrymsynGard666's blog - Customs, dioramas, preproduction items and art, and more.
  • Moto-viper's Bizzare - An eclectic collection of silly captions, strange photoshops, stupid reviews and more.
  • - GI Joe discussion forum and customs.


  • 3D Joes - a still expanding archive with 360 degree rotating views of figures and vehicles.
  • Joe Declassified - The hidden world of G.I. Joe and the history and process behind the toys.
  • Forgotten Figures Blog - Mike T's o-ring figure reviews and historical information.
  • General's Joes - This is the place for news, reviews of figures and vehicles, the cartoon, the movie, the comic, you name it.
  • GI Joegraphy - A Google Docs map that shows the place of birth for the GI Joe characters.
  • Half the Battle - Formerly, the Complete Guide to GI Joe, everything you need to know about the figures and the toys.
  • JoeGuide - all about the GI Joe Sunbow cartoon, with episode summaries and screen shots.
  • - An increasing archive of some great never before seen items along with different views of stuff we have.
  • Kevin Lentz's 3 3/4" Archive - Not GI Joe but does have a ton of compatable toy lines.
  • TNI - Multi Toy line/media news and discussion forums
  • Vintage Toy Price Tracker - Boogman's blog attempting to track different vintage toys actual selling prices.
  • - The original catalog of the 3 3/4" toyline that we all love.
  • What's On Joe Mind? Fan podcast about what's going on in the world of GI Joe.

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