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About the JCWiki

The JoeCustoms Wiki is the reference companion to the main site and message board. Designed to serve as a repository for customising guides, dio-making & photography tools, and information / FAQs for the site as a whole.


  • Firstly thanks go to Beav for setting this up and doing all the hard work to get it running, and also to Hasbro for making a (generally) easy to customise toy that's still #1 after all these years.

  • The contributors, either directly or via proxy (in no particular order):
    • DanOfTheDead
    • daremo
    • TR1ER
    • Lance Sputnik
    • Pluv
    • Hypno-Hustler
    • J Man
    • Spin Doctor
    • Doc Rob
    • Dream
    • Cybertronian
    • Glassman
    • Sidewinder
    • Viperlord
    • Camper
    • Jeffjedi
    • Bmc
    • JoeMichaels70
    • iwbeta
    • JFAK70
    • Python Viper
    • Carnage717
    • Everyone who contributed to the file repository and links page
    • Everyone I've forgotten to put on the list

Questions and Queries

These can be directed to pluv via the message board.

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