Glued Torsos

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Certain figures need a little extra attention when it comes to getting them apart.

Tools Needed

  • A small screwdriver
  • Sharp hobby knife (such as an X-acto)

The Process

As usual, remove the screw from the back of the figure. It should come out with just a little work. Now, for whatever reason (something to do with their color-change plastic?) these three figures have their torsos glued shut. Getting them apart is a little tricky.

Gently pulling the legs and waist away from the torso, expose the circle in the base. Find the seam where the from meets the back of the torso, and slowly slip the X-acto into the seam. Go slowly, using enough pressure to separate the parts while being careful not to damage the figure. Slide the blade up to the arm join, then repeat on the other side. Next, carefully stab the tip of blade into the shoulder seam of the figure by the arm, facing the neck with the sharp end of the X-Acto. Again slowly move down the seam taking care not to damage the head when you reach the neck. You'll need to take note of Zartan's hood, move it out of the way if possible. Repeat on the other shoulder.

In theory, the torso should be separated... or at least the glue taken care of. Still holding the waist/legs away from the base of the torso, insert something thin and sturdy (like a screwdriver) in the base and gently begin to pry. With a little luck, you should have a neatly separated torso.

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