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Account Responsibility

You are responsible for all posts made from your account. It does not matter if the post was actually made by your spouse, significant other, brother, sister, father, mother, friend, or any other acquaintance or individual. You will be held responsible for what is posted and will suffer any consequences that their posts might bring. If one of youracquaintances wants to post, it is highly recommended that you have them get their own account instead of using yours.


When commenting on any topic on this site, you must be respectful of the opinions of your fellow posters. You should think before posting as to whether your post might incite anger in any of your fellow board members. This includes board members you may not like. Differences of opinion are fine if expressed respectfully but, if you act uncivilly, in what appears to be an attempt to get under anyone's skin, you will either be given a verbal warning written in the thread in red, given a site issued Warning (what was once called a Demerit Point), or out right banned. Which of those you receive depends on the nature of the suspect post and your perceived intent, as well as your posting history. The following categories are some examples of actions that violate the Respect rule, but do not encompass the entire spectrum of possible violations:

  • Resorting to name-calling, racial or ethnic slurs, or slander
  • Calling or suggesting someone's opinion is stupid or wrong
  • Trolling the boards with the intent of starting a fight
  • Flamebaiting by posting a message that appears to be intentionally designed to raise the ire of other board members
  • Creating a cliquish environment with an "Us vs. Them" mentality. Whether JoeCustoms vs. any other board, Established Members vs. Newbies, or New Sculpt vs. Old Sculpt style figures, this behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Harassing another member with threats of violence, insinuation of causing harm, unprovoked sexual advances or even simple schoolyard-style picking on them
  • "Shouting", posting in all caps, at someone in your post
  • Not using the spoiler code or not marking your post sufficiently to indicate it contains a spoiler (If you are not familiar with the spoiler code please ask for assistance in the Site Stuff section)
  • Intentionally using a thread title that does not accurately describe the thread's content, i.e. "OMG, Terrordrome for a nickel" just to get people to see your new custom or "You have to see this!!!" just to get people to see a video on YouTube.
  • Using excessive profanity, intentionally thwarting the board's censor-bot, or generally breaking from the PG-13 level maintained on the board
  • Posting overt sexual/pornographic/elicit material, links to such material, extremely crude innuendo, or generally breaking from the PG-13 level maintained on the board.
  • Using phrases such as "I may get warned/banned for this, but…"
  • Using out of context quotes from various sources that violate any of the above infractions.

Off-Limit topics

Discussion on topics deemed traditional flamebait (such as religion, abortion, politics, etc) are not allowed as they always turn out to be more trouble in the long-run than they are worth. When such a thread is started it will immediately be locked. If during the course of a thread it starts going in that direction, a moderator will post a warning to get back on topic.

Avatars and Signatures

Material that violates any of the above Respect and Off-Limit rules should not be included in your avatar or signature either. You will be asked to remove any such material. If you do not comply or if the material is blatantly obscene, it will be removed for you.

Spamming / Flooding

This board does not have a post count listed for anyone to see, or a rank system. Therefore, there is no reason to try to pad your post count. Our goal is to have interesting discussions and it is very difficult to achieve this with too many small posts. Please refrain from things like "I agree", "me too" or "LOL" responses. This also includes starting numerous threads with quick, one-sentence initial posts or simple questions in a single day. Excessive bumping of your own thread falls into this category as well.

Posting off-topic responses to a topic or creating multiple nonsensical threads will not be tolerated. Whether it's posting "Pancakes!" in response to a thread on Snake-Eyes, or posting an image of some unrelated thing (ex: a picture of an overweight fellow dressed as Optimus Prime in a thread about weapons), it will not be allowed.

Trading Forums

If you do not like the price of an item in the trading forum, do not complain about it on the board. The seller is under no obligation to post only prices you deem acceptable for items they have for sale. The inverse is also true. Unless advance payment has been made on the buyer's behalf, the buyer is under no obligation to purchase your item at the price you think it is worth.

Be aware that all trades on this board are the responsibility of the traders involved. will be under no liability for any of these dealings. However, if you have shown yourself to be a consistently bad trader and have left a large number of people high and dry, you will likely be banned from the site if you fail to meet your obligations within a deadline set by the site administrator.

The Trader Feedback section has threads created as needed for each member. If leaving any kind of feedback (good or not so good), we ask that you please post it in that person's thread. People can view that person's feedback thread and then decide for themselves whether to deal with them or not.

Foe List

If you are constantly encountering a person who you dislike we suggest you add that person to your "Foe List" in your user control panel. Adding someone to your Foe List will make all of that person's posts invisible to you and you will not receive Private Messages through the board from them. If you choose not to use this feature, do not complain to the staff that the user is annoying. If the user violates any of the rules you can report him/her to the moderators. (See: Report Button)

If you are added to a lot of peoples' Foe Lists you may be sent a PM by the moderator staff as a sort of head's up. Whether or not you choose to change your posting habits based on this is up to you.

Report Button

In every post there is an "!" icon. This is the Report post button. In the event you see anything that you believe violates any of these rules, please click this button to alert the moderators. After reviewing the guidelines, the Moderators may feel that the post is not in violation of the guidelines and choose to leave the post in question as is. Any suspected abuse of the report system will result in a site issued Warning.

Deleting topics

The staff of will not delete posts. If a post contains illicit material or if a request is made by the owner, the attachment or offending material may be deleted with a moderator note in red. Duplicate topics will be merged. If the same person creates multiple threads on the same topic, one will be locked. The exceptions to this are obvious spam and any of the threads being automatically pruned after 4 years of inactivity.

Moving topics

Topics placed in the wrong section will be moved to the correct section with a note by a Mod as to why it was moved written in red .

Locking Topics

Moderators lock posts instead of deleting them for the sole purpose of giving members an example of unacceptable posts. Topics will be locked if they turn into a flame-war, users ignore a moderator warning to get back on topic, it is a duplicate topic, or if the topic is deemed unacceptable subject matter.

Immediately starting a new thread with the same or similar topic that got a thread locked will result in the user responsible receiving a site issued Warning, as well as any users responding in that thread.

If the topic is something worthy of discussion that just happened to get derailed, a moderator can split the thread off from the point before it went astray.


For the site's chat, members are expected to follow the same set of rules that apply to the forum. To report someone from chat, please cut and paste the offending conversation in context and send it to one of the moderators via Private Message.

Trolling Other Boards

If you register an account on another board that uses either the site name or a staff member's username in order to troll or flame them, you will immediately be banned once proof is presented tying you to the posting.


There are two types of warnings. Written Warnings are posted in a thread by a moderator in red. Moderators usually will ask for members to stop a certain behavior. Site Issued Warnings are what we formerly referred to as Demerit Points. If your action is severe enough you will receive a notice from the board that you have been issued a Warning and the reason for it by one of the moderators. You will receive three site issued warnings before you are permanently banned from

Site issued Warnings will disappear after one year of them being given. They can also be removed if you volunteer for an approved site or Joe community related project.

If you continually violate the rules or show a severe disregard for any of the rules - you will be banned. If you act like you do not want to be here, or state as much, we will grant your wish by banning you. Banned members will no longer be allowed to post or participate on the site. Banned members will have their avatar turned to the below image so other members know that person has been banned.

Snake Staked!

Removal of Customs

At any time, you may request to have your work removed from the gallery. The request must be made in writing. The staff will comply with your request within 30 days from the date of your request.


Please treat these boards as a public place and post accordingly. In other words, do not do something here that you would think twice or thrice about doing in the real world.

Sometimes when making jokes or kind hearted ribbing, the humor gets lost online. Since these kinds of statements can be interpreted differently from what you may have intended, we highly suggest the use of smilies or Joemoticons in your posts.

Any infractions not covered here are left to the discretion of the individual moderators, but may include any material that is knowingly false and/or defamatory, misleading, inaccurate, invasive of a person's privacy, that otherwise violates any law, or that encourages conduct constituting a criminal offense.

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