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by nova


Have you every been so excited about a product after first hearing about it that you can't wait to try it out? Have you ever been so excited about a new product that you'll use any available color.

That's me in this Review.

The product I'm looking at is Duplicolor MetalCast.


MetalCast is a paint line that's designed to turn Chrome to a Anodized Colored Metal finish.

Purple was not my 1st choice, but because I really wanted to know if this would work as advertised I went and grabbed the 1st can that I could find.

My one major complaint about Duplicolor MetalCast is it's availability. For whatever reason, stores only stock 3 of the 7 available colors, So if you're looking for the color Orange (as I was) you'll have to ask your store to order a case and pick it up when it comes in.

Duplicolor makes a "Ground Coat" for MetalCast. It's intended for use when the items you'll be painting aren't starting out as Chrome or polished metal. I did not use this, and in my experience no spray paint will ever be able to match the look of real honest chrome or vac metal.

Small Test

The 1st items I tested MetalCast on were some Destro heads. I wanted to get a feel for how thick the paint needed to go on, How well it covered wear, color, and other imperfections.

Destro heads

On the Destro Heads, light coat vs heavy coat didn't effect much, just the final color depth, for this testing, and on further use with larger surfaces, a heavier coat, or a "wet coat" gives better results.

Duplicolor MetalCast dose not cover up imperfections in the chrome surface. You can see on the V2 Destro Head and spots on the Sky Sharc where play ware is still visible after painting.

Larger Test

As a larger trial, I used the Shell of a Sky Sharc.

Sky Sharc

This was a learning review for me. Where I'm used to excellent results from many light coats of spray paint, MetalCast gives better results with one or two heavier applications. The Mirror Finish of the chrome is obscured by the MetalCast, but still maintains a luster that is brighter than regular "gloss" or "Metal Finish" paints. Overall I'm quite happy with the results. While most "Gimmick" paints I've used never quite live up to their billing, Duplicolor MetalCast does exactly what it says it will; making Chrome parts look like they've been given an Anodized finish.

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