Diary of a Customizer's Wife

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Diary of a Customizer’s Wife by Shoe Addict (aka pluv's wife)

Below are some excepts from my diary. The dates have been removed because the time frame is based on my husband's customizing and not our relationship. Hopefully you guys will get a glimpse at what the other half thinks of your hobby, or at least what some of us think.


Day 1

So my boyfriend showed me this really cool thing he made out of a bunch of GI Joe parts on his Geocities webpage. I didn’t know you could do something like that, it’s kinda cool! But where did he learn how to do that?

Day 5

Ok, so it turns out a lot people do this. There is even a special website online for guys to talk about it. Weird.

We decided to go to the craft store – Yay!! I love Michaels. Turns out they have a bunch of stuff he needs too. He really needed some teeny tiny paintbrushes. I don’t get how he can paint those camo patterns so small!

Day 10

I had to run into JoAnns so I got him some more paint and paint brushes. It looks really fun, maybe he’ll let me make one! It does take up quite a bit of table space though. Oh well. It’s so peaceful when I sit and do crosswords while he sits and customizes Joes.

Day 17

So I guess they are going to have a group project that everyone on the site works on together. That’s a cool idea! I wonder how long that will take?

I ended up giving him the hall closet to put all his stuff in. It was taking up a lot of room in our little apartment! It was cute the way he put up shelves and organized all the different toys. Cobras in one place, robots on their own shelf. He even hung some airplanes from the ceiling!

Day 30

Another run to Toys R Us after work. I guess he has to keep checking to make sure he doesn’t miss out on certain figures. Boy, they sure can be expensive!

Still working on the group project, but it is due soon so he has been staying up until midnight trying to finish. I’ll have to put on something sexy to get him to come to bed. Only slightly kidding

Month 2

Ok, the group project is finally done, he just needs to take pictures. Maybe now I can get my dining room table back! Although, it’s not like we eat at the table anyway. I’m just glad that’s over and I get my boyfriend back. I need some attention!

Month 4

He wants to go to Target and Toys R Us again. We just went yesterday!! It’s not like there is going to be anything different than there was 24 hours ago. Looks like there is going to be another group project. Do they do these all the time? And do any of these guys have real names? Where do they come up with these? I mean, what is a Lance Sputnik anyway??

Month 6

Holy cow, he needs new paints and brushes again! Looks like another trip to the craft store. We know where all of them are now. Anytime we see a toy store or craft store, we have to stop.

We are going to meet some other guy who does this stuff too. I guess they really do exist – I’d rather be shoe shopping!

Month 7

Work, Customize, Dinner, TV, Customize, Bed – that’s the routine now. At least I have my scrapbooking to keep me busy.

Month 8

Yay a trip to Disney! Holy cow there are TONS of people who like GI Joe. He made me help paint a custom. I’m not as good as he is but I think it came out pretty good.

I got to see nova’s Balls, sorry, I mean Crystal Ball action figures.

I painted the shield and the leopard sash

Month 12

I ended up giving him his own room in the new house for all his “stuff”. It’s great cause now I don’t have to see it. No more projects on the dining room table. Except for the small display he has going on top of the entertainment center. At least he rotates the toys so it doesn’t get boring.

I guess this isn’t all just a phase. Oh well, it could be worse, like porn. Do they make toy porn stuff??

OMG they do!

Year 1 and 6 months

He said he wanted a Flagg for Christmas, so I got him one. He said we could use it as a coffee table – I thought he was kidding.

Year 3

Got married. Loved every minute of it. I guess I’m stuck with him. That’s ok, now all of his toys are mine too.

We drove back across the country for our honeymoon. Every time we stopped somewhere, he was whipping out his Big Brawler.

Funskool Big Brawler went everywhere with us on our Honeymoon

Year 5

2 more packages showed up this week. One from Canada and the other is from some place called BBTS. The UPS guy knows our house well!

Customizing really does make him happy though. He even learned to drop the paint brush when I need him and to put stuff away when he’s done.

Year 8

He took over the Joe customizing website. I wonder how much this is going to cost? I got him a bunch of books on web programming for dummies from the library to try and help. With a baby coming, I asked him where I would rank with everything he has going on. He promises me I’ll be at least #2…most of the time. Maybe 3.

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