Custom Scabbards, Sheaths, Weapon Holders, Slings, and Belts

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How to Make your own Scabbards, Sheaths, Weapon Holders, Scabbard Slings, and Belts - by daremo Difficulty: 3/5


Tools and Supplies:

Wire Cutter Sculpting Tool Green Stuff (don't forget the water to cut down on the sticking) Sand Paper/File Tweezers Ruler 22 ga Galvanized Wire Super Glue FlexRex Paint Brush Coffee Stirrers/Mixed Drink Straws A Sword

Tools and supplies.jpg

The Belt

Step 1. Cut and Wrap:

Take the FlexRex and cut a 6" or longer piece. Take one end (about 1 1/2") and hold it on the front the figure. Wrap the FlexRex twice around the figures waist. Take it over your starting end and then under and through the other side of the whole belt. Pull both ends tight.


Step 2. Knot and Tighten:

Now fold the end down and take the starting end over and behind the other end. Pull tight and you've completed the knot. You can then straighten the belt so it looks like one piece. Trim the belt ends to whatever length you prefer.


Step 3. Other Colors:

You can also make belts using other colors to show higher ranks or just for some variety. You can glue the ends down if you want for a more natural look.



Special thanks to Pluv for the original straw idea.

Step 1. Measure, Cut, and Squash:

Take your sword and lay it next to the coffee stirrer starting at the hilt. Cut the coffee stirrer so there's at least an 1/8" past the end of the blade. Then squash the coffee stirrer into an oval/almond shape.


Step 2. Green Stuff:

Take some green stuff and pack a little into each end of the coffee stirrer. You'll want to have a little extra on the end of the scabbard. Wet your sword with water (so the green stuff won't stick to it) and put it into the coffee stirrer. You may have to pinch the top while inserting the sword to keep the green stuff from sliding down the tube. Twist the sword a bit to give it a little extra room. Remove the sword and let the green stuff cure/dry.


Step 3. Sand/File:

Take a file and round the bottom of the scabbard and clean up any excess green stuff on it. Check to make sure the sword fits snug in the scabbard.


Step 4. Paint and Details:

Now you're ready to prime and paint. I'm using Testors Model Masters Acrylics. First, prime the scabbard. Then paint the whole thing flat black. Once it dries, seal it with Testors Glosscote or Dullcote. You can also add details using green stuff and styrene strips for some unique designs. One thing I've found about the coffee stirrers is that the paint doesn't stick too well. I suggest getting some Krylon Fusion to use as a base and then paint it however you'd like.


Scabbard Slings

Step 1. Cut and Paste:

All you'll need is some FlexRex, super glue, and 22 ga wire. The first design is pretty simple. Take the Flexrex and glue a loop on one end. The loop should fit tightly around the scabbard. Make sure you have enough Flexrex to go around the torso and a little more to glue it to the loop. Put the scabbard through the loop and place the sling on the torso.


Step 2. Cut, Bend, and Paste:

Another simple one. Take the 22 ga wire and make two rings using a paintbrush. The diameter should be slightly larger to accommodate the scabbard. Take the Flexrex and make sure it's long enough to go around the torso. Glue one ring in a loop of the Flexrex and then take the scabbard and place it in the ring near the top. Take the other ring and place it on the bottom of the scabbard. Find out where the ring will meet the Flexrex and cut it, leaving enough to make another loop. Remove the bottom ring and glue it in the second loop.


Step 3. Cut, Bend, Paste and Repeat:

This ones a little more difficult but will stay in place really well. Make your rings just like before. Glue one ring in a loop. Take the Flexrex around the torso and then glue it to the loop. Now add the second ring, open it to get it in the sling and then close it back up. Find where it will hold the scabbard and then glue the sling around the ring.



Step 1. Follow the Scabbard:

To make a sheath, follow the same steps for the scabbard. The only difference will be that it's much shorter. You can stick the sheath in a belt, glue it to a leg, or make a weapon holder for it.


Weapon Holders

Step 1. Cut and Paste:

These are all the same designs, the only differences being the size of the bands and the size of the loops. For an arm band, make a loop to fit your weapon and glue the loop in place. wrap the band around the arm and cut the band so you can glue the end to the loop and have a snug fit.


Step 2. cut and Paste:

This is the same as the first one except you'll need a bigger band for the leg.


Step 3. Cut and Paste:

This is like the second one except you'll need a bigger loop to fit a wider weapon. In this case the nunchucks.


Step 4. Cut, Paste, Repeat:

This is similar to the first scabbard sling except that I've added smaller loops using two pieces of Flexrex.


Go ahead and give these a try. Experiment to find even more ways to carry other weapons. Good Luck!

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