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First gather your supplies.

  • 1. The head you want to create a helmet for. In this case my Sakinah Marou
  • 2. Plumbers tape. Very important.
  • 3. Keadatite Blue/Yellow (also known as Green Stuff [G.S.])
  • 4. Sculpting tools (or finger nails)
  • A donor torso to help hold the head is also helpful.

Preparing the Head

The first step is very important. Tightly wrap the donor head in plumbers tape. This is white Teflon tape. I wrapped mine 15 times. This does three things. The first is that it takes the definition out of the face removing undercuts your helmet would get stuck on. The second is that it adds diameter to the head, giving the helmet a little breathing room to be taken on and off. And last but not least the Green Stuff will not stick to it. If you do not use a release your hemet will be permanent. you can use vaseline but I have found that hard to clean and it does not eliminate the undercut problem. This is when a portion sticks out and the molding material hardens under it like a latch. Undercuts are very bad. often destroying the mold during removal.


Sculpting the Helmet

Now you mix up a small about of Green stuff. I cut an 1/8 inch strip off of the roll and still had about half left over. it will be a dark green when completely mixed. using small pieces mold a uniform thickness covering over the entire head. You will more than likely have it start to go under the jaw line. This will cause problems later so use your finger nail or tools to cut a nice neat edge for the bottom of the helmet. you can also clean this up more later as the G.S. begins to harden.

Adding Details

you will notice that G.S. picks up fingerprints very well. When you start smoothing keep your fingers wet as well as your tools. Once you have the undercuts removed from the jawline start making details. Being my first helmet I went pretty simple. a faceplate, eye and mouth slits and a little top detail.


G.S. has a working time of 60-90 minutes. So you dont have to rush. Don't be in a hurry to take it off either. Make sure at least 2 hours have passed before you try to remove it. You do not want to ruin your work. After that you can sand and paint as you wish. I recommend a nice 600 grit wet/dry paper to remove and finger prints you may have left. I hope this is helpful and I look forward to seeing all of the custom headgear.

Finished Product

Once it is hardened carefully remove it. I recommend pulling from the back forward. Then unwrap the head and you have a helmet. Here is the finished painted version for Sakinah. It's a little rough so I may make another. But not too bad for my first attempt.

This can also be modified to make removable armor and web gear. Just remember that G.S. is not flexible so you will not be able to bend it during removal.

Good luck and have fun. Asphalt

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