Cracking open 25th torsos

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There are a bunch of different methods out there for breaking apart the torsos of 25th styled figures. Which one will work best for you will come down to a matter of preference.


Hasbro method

Richard Woodhouse, the designer who first showed us how to do it at the 2007 GI Joe Convention, uses either a wood or plastic block shaped like this.


He sets the point of the block under the armpit of the figure, with the arms out straight to the sides, and whacks the figure with a rubber mallet. He was able to do this in one whack and it took about 1 second.

Wrench and Socket/Allen Wrench bit

For this method you will need an adjustable wrench and either a socket or a hex-head Allen wrench bit.

Darkwynter and Apacolypse popularized the wrench and socket method. They attach a socket and piece of cardboard to opposite ends of an adjustable wrench with duct tape. The pressure created by squeezing of the wrench pops the torso apart. You can see a more thorough version of Apacolypse's tutorial here.

25thdisassembly1.jpg 25thdisassembly3.jpg

Some people have found the sockets to be frustrating because the roundness of the socket makes it hard to balance the figure on. Chief suggested using a hex shaped Allen wrench bit instead. He also uses gauze instead of cardboard because it better forms to the shape of the figure.


Matthew Smelcer

I use a razor blade. Start under the arm and work your way up. Do this on both sides. Then I slide a small flat head screwdriver (or any metal thing dull and flat) then pry it open. I've done this for 3 torsos without hurting any of them.

X-acto slicing method

Others have found success simply using an x-acto knife to cut the torsos in half. Be careful not to cut so much that you end up with a noticeable gap between the torsos. A dulled blade is also recommended.

Matthew/Hasbro hybrid method

Score the seem of the torso with an x-acto knife. Jam a small flat screw driver into the arm pit with the arms out straight. Then whack the screwdriver with a small hammer. The torso will pop apart.

Socket Stabalizer method

This method was shown by Lance Sputnik with additional advice from joemichaels70. You get a large socket (My socket says 7/8 on it), and you stand it upright on one end. Make sure the socket is deep enough for the arm to be fully inserted.

Items you'll need

Then you put a guy's arm into the opening at the top, and raise the other arm up over his head. Then you line up your small chisel (I just use a small flathead screwdriver though) along the torso seam under the other arm. Then you whack the screwdriver or chisel with hammer. 9/10 success rate and it's super fast. You can put foam tape on the top of the socket to completely protect the figure from the metal but it isn't usually necessary. I do it on the floor, because to do it on the table would cause a giant mess.

Stay on target!

Additional tips

Some people swear by freezing the torsos first before cutting, prying, whacking, or squeezing. Others swear by boiling the figures first. Both of these weaken the bond that holds the torsos together.

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