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One of the best things about is the sense of community and family amongst its creative membership. As such it's not all talking about new releases that brings us together. Here are some of the games people on the board play, contests, competitions and general shenanigans that go on.


The JCAs

Initially started by Grand Slam, the Joe Customs Awards are an annual celebration of achievement in customising and dio making. They also recognise the effort put in by members on the board to make the site the place it is. The main JCA information page (including past results) can be found here.

Photoshop and Caption Contests

Usually held on a random basis, these pop up on the board from time to time (usually when everyone seems stressed). A simple and fun diversion, previous challenges have included photoshopping Beav or General Hawk's likeness in any way imaginable and captioning some surreal one frame dios. Rewards are often just the feeling of a job well done and a good laugh, though occasionally a small prize such as a custom title is awarded.

Group Projects

The JoeCustoms Group Projects (or GPs) are a theme based customising event usually running for around three months. Over this period customisers make a figure based around a pre-selected premise, such as 'Video Game Characters', 'Comic Packs' or something with a more elaborate background. The gallery of previous GPs can be found on the main site, while there is a more detailed FAQ here. The GPs are co-ordinated by Sidewinder on their own section of the forum

Larry Hama Custom Challenge

A one off competition to honour the man who created so much of GI Joe. The main information page, as well as a gallery of all the entries and winners, can be found here.

Recurring Threads

Several board members regularly put up (currently or previously) an on going series of threads with a common theme, They aren't all related to joe, but most are. Some examples include:

  • Character characterisations - zedhatch and others post a character (such as Copperhead) and how they portray them in their 'Joe-verse', inviting others to post their own ideas, thoughts, questions and comments.
  • DVD releases - Stealth Viper posts the list of upcoming DVD release title for people to peruse.
  • New Joe comics often get their own thread, often started by Bearcatcc, as well as any news on upcoming titles ar plans.
  • General Hawk, Mike T, and Leonardotdragon put a thread to discuss their latest reviews of figures and vehicles, old and new.
  • Create your own TRU 6 pack - Started by Sidewinder, a theme is given (Jungle Rescue) and the idea is to list your ideal six pack. It can be either Joe or Cobra, and as comprehensive as you like, down to the last part that is known to still exist, or just the general principle (Eel v2 in classic colours).
  • Man the Machine - Similar to the Six Pack, CabanaJack posted a thread asking people to give their ideal crew for a large vehicle (such as the WHALE), and why they chose each person.

Of course, the people who started these haven't got a monopoly on the ideas, so if you have an idea for a continuation of one of these or something different, feel free to post it on the board.

Online Games

JoeCustoms member dream_monkey posted a thread titled "for all us zombie fans" , and a link to the MMORPG Urban Dead. The Crimson Customizers were soon formed and are still going today, with a dedicated section of the board created for discussion of the game.


The JCW is JoeCustoms own dio based wrestling league. More information (current roster, previous matches etc) can be found on the JCW wiki page.


As soon as a new product comes out, everyone wants to know if it's worth tracking down or not. And as soon as a new product is in someone's hands there will no doubt be a mini review and much clamouring for pictures. It's not just new Joes, but other compatible lines, Transformers, comics, movies, games and more that get the once over.


A number of members play the GI Joe Trading Card Game online through the Online TCG forum. A detailed description of the rules of play can be found here.

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