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Cleaning Supplies and tools of the trade

Cleaning Supplies:

Oxyclean (usually in your laundry detergent section)

Scrubbing Bubbles (household cleaners section)

Liquid Dish Soap (household cleaners section, example: Palm Olive)

Bleach (laundry detergent section)

Goo Gone (household cleaners or hardware sections)

Baby Oil (health and beauty or infant care sections)

Oil Eater (cleaner/degreaser household cleaners or hardware)

Armor All (automotive/hardware sections)

Future Floor cleaner (household cleaners)


Hot water

old toothbrush

paper towels

wash cloth

hand towel or small towel

scrub brush (medium size)


Oxyclean bath

Fill your bathtub/ storage container/plastic bucket with enough hot water to cover the entire vehicle or parts. Add one scoop of Oxyclean to the water and let the parts soak for several hours. Some stickers may lose their adhesive and fall off. Being careful not to smudge the stickers take them out of the tub and place them to the side.

Using a scrub brush, old tooth brush, or wash cloth scrub and wipe away any remaining dirt. WARNING DO NOT touch any stickers. The color on the stickers will wipe right off with any dirt. If a part is cleaned to your satisfaction simply place it back in the tub and let it soak while you clean the other parts. Once you are satisfied with how the part looks rinse the part and let it dry.

Note: I have found that this method will clean all dirt, dust, mildew, and most but not all smoker's yellowing. It has had no effect on Sun caused yellowing.

Scrubbing Bubbles

Using the Scrubbing Bubbles spray foam, spray on to vehicle. Wait while suds do their thing. Wash away with wet towel. WARNING DO NOT spray onto stickers.

Dish Soap bath

Fill your tub/sink/bucket with hot water. Add a squirt or two of liquid dish soap. Mix the soap into the water a little bit. Add your dirty vehicles. Let soak for a few minutes. Using a toothbrush scrub the vehicle down and wash with a towel. Let dry. This type of washing should not bother the stickers.

Adding a cleaner/degreaser solution to the soapy water will really make the vehicle clean. WARNING DO NOT add this solution if you plan on keeping the stickers because this will eat the markings on them. Adding the solution is only recommended for restoring a vehicle/playset.

Bleach bath

This method is more for if the stickers are not a factor or the vehicle is possibly a health risk as is (mold or animal feces). Add 1/2 cup of bleach for about every 5 gallons of hot water. Let soak for a few hours. Rinse and scrub thoroughly.

Armor All Protectant

Armor All wipes or spray can be used to not only clean some of the dirtiest vehicles while leaving an impeccable shine it will also protect vehicles from UV ray yellowing. If after RIT dyeing a figure, the figure suffers a dulling from the heat and coloring, a little Armor All will restore the factory shine. Also, if you want a shiney look to your paint without using a gloss or finishing coat a little Armor All is just the thing to make that happen.

Using Future Floor Cleaner to restore scratched canopies/windows

Using a little Future cleaner and rubbing it onto the canopy will fill in some of the smaller nicks and scratches while also producing a nice shine. Future is kind of an acryllic layer rather than a wax covering like other floor cleaners. There are two things to be aware of. First cover the canopy once the Future is applied and buffed to prevent any dirt or dust particles from sticking to it while drying. Second, be sure the canopy is level and the Future was evenly coated as it will accumulate and puddle if lopsided. You can also use Future as a finsihing coat without the eventual yellowing that may occur with other methods and brands.

Please check out ZombieGuide's video tutorial for more detailed instructions.

Cleaning or removal of stickers

To remove the built up dust and hair that often accumulates on the outside of stickers add Goo Gone to a papertowel and scrub around the edges of the sticker. Be very careful in not adding too much Goo Gone or you could remove the sticker.

In order to remove old stickers, mix Goo Gone with baby oil and scrub the sticker and all of it's residue off. Using soap and water and a wash cloth, make sure that the surface is clean, smooth, and oil free.

Methods for dusting

Dustng with Armor All wipes by Darko

Dusting with Play Doh by past nastification

Dusting with paint brushes

Dusting by Dishwasher by joemichaels

Dusting with Pledge Grab It sheets by Cap

Cleaning and Restoring a Terrordrome

Part 1 by joemichaels

Part 2 by joemichaels

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