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Sidewinder asked me to put together an article for customizing in the 25th Anniversary style. I figured the best way was to show the entire process of building a figure form start to end, so here it goes.

Daina's uniform seems to change issue to issue and sometimes panel to panel. I went with her uniform from Special Missions #4. In the issue she wears a jumpsuit that is open like Lady Jaye's uniform.


The base figures

Here are three of the figures I used, right to left. The figures are 25th Anniversary Lady Jaye, Irina Spenko from Indiana Jones, and Starkiller Hero from Star Wars. 25th Scarlett was also used, but is not pictured.



First step is to cut on LJ's neck ball. I used wire cutters because I'm sick of slicing up my fingers with X-Actos.


I used Zap-A-Gap glue to attach Starkiller's neck ball to LJ's neck.


Starkiller's head attached to the new ball. The head maintains full motion.


Next is turning LJ's feet into jack boots. I cut off her lower legs just below the knee after popping LJ's feet out using the boil and pop method.


After popping LJ's feet into Scarlett's lower legs, I cut Scarlett's boots off at the top. The boots were then attached to LJ's lower legs with Zap-a-Gap glue.


Both boots were attached as described in the picture above. Pants bottoms were sculpted on at the top of the jackboots with Apoxie.



I gave the figure a base coat of Model Master Acryl British Gulf Tan. I mix a drop or two of water in to ensure a smooth finish. The figure also received the flesh tone base coat.


I added the Olive Drab camo pattern using the same method, adding a little water for a smooth finish. You may need to paint a second coat to cover completely. The fleshtone was redone in a lighter color, the original was too dark, looked like she'd spent a summer in Hawaii.


The details were painted on using Model Master Acryl paints. The gloss on the boots has some water mixed in, gloss tends to chunk up when painted. The belt was trimmed off of Irina and glues in place, the pouch is from a Destro gun belt.


The finished product

The Dragonov sniper rifle comes from Marauder John, The tanker helmet is an original sculpt that didn't turn out so well.

The pouch is from Roadblock, I attached it at the back so if she's lying prone, it won't interfere.

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