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Written by JoeMichaels70

Now that we've ground down all our vehicles for Tech Detail, let's take a look at a few different projects making use of that plastic!

First up, remember those HAVOC parts? Let's make a remote launcher for the missile that comes with the Cobra Bunker playset: First, let's clean one of those screens up:

Then, let's put a piece of MOBAT detail on the back of our remote launcher:

Then, we'll cut off the excess:

And clean that up a little:

Sanding 4.jpg

Then we'll give that a coat of Cobra blue and wait for it to dry:

Radio 5 Paint.jpg

Moving on, this thing is going to need an antenna. Taking a trick from the model car builders, let's stretch some sprue!


Using a small length of plastic, carefully rotating over a candle flame to soften it up, pulling gently apart, and cutting it to length again, we get this:

Not as easy as I made it sound -- I wound up having to do this four times before I got the correct 'heat to pull' ratio figured out.

Using a handy shop jig (Drill Bit Sizer) that I got free in the mail, I determined that the sprue's diameter. I found the correct drill bit, and commenced to drill the hole in the top of the remote controller:

I then created a custom radar screen from the TTBP stickers, and painted up the dials and controls a wee bit, and done!:

To show some further use of that drill bit sizer and drill press, here is a gun mounted on a custom that will be used in the diorama at next year's GI Joe Convention in Rhode Island:

I dig this Fischer Price car. But it's got some funky things going on, like this round hole behind the driver's seat, which probably had some other play feature attached at some time -- now, it's just an eyesore:

Top View.jpg

So, let's use a piece from that MOBAT we cut apart:

I think it's going to work great!

Sometimes it's hard to imagine how things are going to look when finished.


An easy way to get a better idea about it is to just shoot a coat of primer on it:


And here's an idea of how to add this tech detail to a playset to create different workstations or other details, either to draw attention away from what the original source was, or to add to a source that might have been lacking some detail in a particular area - in my case, this is the beginning of a BAT factory inside a Castle Destro/MARS playset I've been dreaming up:

Someday, that's going to be a really cool feature of that playset.... someday...

That's it, folks -- I set out to show that even when your toys are busted to heck, there may be some life in them yet -- as detail on other toys. Hasbro did a great job of sculpting in some wonderful details -- it would be a shame to let them go to waste!

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