Swapping Shoulder Swivels on 25th Joes

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Here is board member meandnooneelse's tutorial on swapping shoulder swivels on 25th Anniversary GI Joes. This technique should work on any figure with injection molded shoulders, including modern Star Wars figures.



Here are the tools you will need. Make sure your glue is made for use on all plastics or it won’t hold. I didn’t end up using the cup of hot water, but heating the arms in the water would make it easier to peel the shoulder away from the swivel.


Check the arms and the sockets

Here are the arms on which I will be swapping the shoulder swivels, comic pack Shipwreck and Snake Eyes. First and foremost check to make sure the swivel sockets will fit in the destination torso!


Cutting and peeling the shoulder

After checking to be sure the swivel sockets will fit in the destination torso, cut the post behind the swivel on both arms.


After cutting, gently peel back the shoulder pieces surrounding the swivel.


Slide the swivel off the post.


Swapping and gluing

Notice the swivel from the Snake Eyes arm is slightly larger than the Shipwreck swivel. Before the Shipwreck swivel would fit on the Snake Eyes post the hole in the swivel had to be widened. I used the small grinding tip of my rotary tool to do this. It could be done with a drill if you have the right size bit.


Next place the replacement swivel on the post of the arm, then with the shoulder joint held open apply a very small amount of glue to cut end of the post. Be sure not to get any glue on the swivel. Once again, be sure your glue is made for use on all plastics or it won’t hold.


Firmly press and hold the shoulder together while rotating the swivel. This ensures the swivel will move freely while the glue sets.


The final product

After the glue was set I had to grind down the Snake Eyes swivel a little to make it match the profile of the shipwreck arm. Then I repainted the sleeves and added the Shipwreck arms to my custom figure… me!


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