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Written by joemichaels70

Giving credit where credit is due: the idea to utilize Greenstuff as restoration material actually comes from an article Chief did:[1] This article assumes that you know what Greenstuff is... :shifty:

I thought I would expand on it a little, and try a few things - First off, I used it to fix a broken leg on my machine gun from the Machine Gun Defense Unit Playset:

Success! (if a little sloppy...)

Then I thought I would try it on one of the most commonly broken or lost pieces: the Blast Shield from the ASP! I knew going into it that it would be tricky, so I tried something new -- a reinforcement of the joint with a small square of nylon screen door material:

However, when I went to reinstall the piece, the bond gave 'way and the fissure opened up again through the Greenstuff. Luckily, the mesh kept the parts together enough that the shield stays in place. A little more blue paint, and this fix is good enough for display!

I have a GI Joe wall sign (I believe it's Sideshow, but not certain) - #275/1000. When I took it out of the package the first time, I noticed it was missing an 'I' :

Utilizing Greenstuff, I crafted in a replacement:

A little white paint, and standing back a foot or two... Win!

After having a decent amount of success with this stuff, I thought I'd break the Joe boundry for a moment, and fix an old Hotwheels/Matchbox car from my childhood. It is a dune buggy with a person riding in it - and a mechanism for the person to 'bounce' every time the wheels make a full rotation. Well, during some move at sometime, the person broke off at the 'knees' -- so, a little Greenstuff to the rescue:

The bond isn't as strong as I'd like -- I actually had to re-do it after 'testing' - but, again, it works for display and light play.

My take: Greenstuff works. It's not quite as elegant as a glue bond, and there's more evidence that something's been done, but it holds different types of materials together, and works better than Superglue (CA) on most types of plastic. Edge to Edge bonds are tough no matter what. Thanks to Chief for the inspiration, and Doc Rob for the web address to buy the Greenstuff.

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