OMG! Beav Brokded teh intrnet!!1!

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This comment originated when the site was transitioning to a more suitable server, one capable of handling the extreme load the Joe Customs members put on it. Often, many members would access the site and get "index.php errors" that would prevent access to the website. The problems encountered during the transition were compounded due to the style change in the message board, often resulting in the way the board was displayed on the computer of the person visiting the board.

The problem turned out to be nothing more than a cache file on the users' computers, and the comment came about because people were jumping the gun and concluding that Beav had created the problem. Someone posted that "OMG! Beav Brokded teh intrnet!!1!" in a thread that brought the error to light.

Now, whenever anything at all happens with a link to another site, or when someone has a technical problem that is internet related, one of the first comments made is that "OMG! Beav Brokded teh intrnet!!1!".

The miss-spelling is intentional, as it is 'internet speak' to show rage and frustration.

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