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<quote> this is the the time for all good men </quote>

Using Automatic Color balance

After taking pictures of your custom you may find that the colors are off, this usually happens when taking pictures indoors with Incandesent Bulbs. Different lighting can make colors look untrue. When we are indoors our eyes get used to it and we don't notice, but it is especially noticable to the camera.

Automatic Color Ballance in Paint Shop Pro

An easy way to fix this is Automatic Color Balance, I use Paint Shop Pro and you can download a demo to try it out. Other programs may have different names for the effect. Move the slider to cooler if your picture looks too orange from using an incandesent bulb. Don't be afraid to play around with the settings until your picture looks the most realistic.

As you can see in the first pic, the background that should be dark gray is almost orange, but after adjustment in the second pic it is true gray.

Crimson Customizers

The Crimson Customizers are the JC's daring highly trained Zombie fighting force. Their purpose, to revive and heal it's members, to hold territory and defend against Urban Dead Zombies, a mindless terrifing foe determined to feast on humans in Malton City.


dream_monkey started it all by posting a thread titled "for all us zombie fans." After a few days of playing Urban Dead, Jeff created the Customizers. His main goal was to better enjoy the game by creating a system of revive area where JC members could be returned to life after being killed. Soon the thread grew so large that beav created a forum for the game. The Customizers were renamed to be the Crimson Customizers in honor of the Crimson Guard. Made up of almost exclusivly Joecustoms.com members the group has grown to become one of the largest in the game.

Group's Logo needs to be added here. (Crimson fist over a cross)

Sub Teams

The group's fighting arm is known as the Crimson Fist. The Group's healing and scientific division is known as the Crimson Cross.


The groups headquaters is officially Church Bank in Old Arkham but it's members are free to spread out and travel anywhere in the city. Several member have Characters that are far from base opperating independantly.


Membership is only open to JC members. To the outside world the Crimson Customizers should remain a mystery.

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