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Over the years, the JoeCustoms Awards (JCA) have been a place to see some of the best of the best in world of customizing.

In 2005, the award for best G.I Joe custom went to Immortalzodd for her Roadblock custom.

Here is what Immortalzodd had to say about this award-winning custom.


Tell us about why you made this figure…what was your motivation?

At the time, while I liked certain sculptural flourishes in the 2nd Gen Joe figures, I was using mostly ARAH bodies. The heads and gear were great, but I liked the pseudo-realistic proportions in ARAH so much more. Unfortunately, there really weren't any good figures to compensate for Roadblock's bulk. I wanted him to look huge next to his comrades. Well, with a new hip, the Barrage body wasn't too bad, so I went from there.

How did you make this figure?

Really simple! Just a dremeled-out comic pack head, a little sculpting around the waste (again, with ARAH hips, the Barrage body feels real), and a whole lot of layered painting. I remember getting asked about how I did the skin, and it was really simple: I just watered down some Testors leather, and painted over and over and over again.

How did you feel when you learned that you had won the JoeCustoms Award for this figure?

Pretty neat! I hadn't really been on the board for more than a few months, and I really liked Roadblock, but that someone suggested him out of the archives and that people actually voted for him was very flattering.

What would you would do differently, if anything, if you did this custom today

I would like to build him onto a 25th body, but not just the Roadblock they have available - he's too skinny. I'd need to sculpt a body somewhere between Roadblock and Bazooka, big and muscular without being pudgy. Roadblock as is in 25th just looks too lean, but the Resolute body shows promise.

Tell us a little bit about the types of customs, if any, that you are working on these days. Are you still active in customizing Joes? Moved on?

I don't do a lot of Joe customs anymore, although I get the occasional commission. No, actually, I've been really successful in art school, and have moved on to pure sculpture, feeding myself very well off of sold or commissioned works. Right now I'm applying to UCLA in California, with hopes that after a Masters degree I can move into special effects with Jim Henson or Stan Winston studios, or just stay in the pure art field. But, in truth, without those interim years of fevered practice on my favorite American icons, I wouldn't have had the skill to move as quickly through the field as I am now. Keep up the good work, y'all~!

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