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Over the years, the JoeCustoms Awards (JCA) have been a place to see some of the best of the best in world of customizing.

In 2004, the award for best Cobra custom went to JFAK075 for his Serpentor custom.

Here is what JFAK075 had to say about this award-winning custom.


Tell us about why you made this figure…what was your motivation?

I've always been a big fan of Serpentor. He looks cool, and he's got one of the best background stories in all of GI Joe. I purchased the mini-bust version of Serpentor and decided I wanted a figure loosely based on it. Plus I was never really happy with the Hasbro version. I thought the V1 was undersized.

How did you make this figure?

Serpentor was one of the first customs I did any sculpting on. I learned a lot about sculpting along the way. And it seemed to take forever to finish. This still stands as one of the longest customizing projects.

How did you feel when you learned that you had won the JoeCustoms Award for this figure?

Oh, it was a huge thrill. And something I'm still very proud of. This was my first JCA, and also my first year in the Joe Customs community.

What would you would do differently, if anything, if you did this custom today

This was my break-out custom, it was the first really good fully modded figure I made, so I don't think I'd ever go back and re do it. I have, since then, made other Serpentor customs- even giving the character a make over for my End of Days universe.

Tell us a little bit about the types of customs, if any, that you are working on these days.

Well, with the Joe verse, I've stopped making characters that I think Hasbro would one day do. I grew tired of putting time into a custom only to be able purchase something similar at retail down the line

So I've turned to my own verse where the Joes battle it out with Cobra and the undead. This allows me to make unique figures. Honestly I've found this much more rewarding too.

Are you still active in customizing Joes? Moved on?

Now more then ever I enjoy customizing Joes. Whether it's a simple LBC or a full blown modded figure, I truly enjoy my time customizing.

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