Cleaning and Restoring a Terrordrome - Part 2

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Written by JoeMichaels70

As I showed yesterday with the cleaning of the parts, all that was left was to put my Terrordrome back together!

So I grabbed my Joe Guide, which has since been revised, and the one page of instructions I had saved from -

And gave myself ample room to get started:

Rather than bore you with all the details... I got this far:

...And realized I didn't have the plans for the 'roof' stations... Luckily it wasn't too hard with a little trial & error:

Nothing Missing! Stickers in decent condition! Man, this thing is beautiful!

And look! Leftover parts! Don't ask me where they came from... although Python Viper was responsible for some...

So I put it approximately where it will live in my JoeRoom, and snapped a couple quick pics:

And picked my next project: Cleaning & restoring the AVAC!

Long story short: After disassembly (be careful of the pegs!), the dishwasher will take care of the parts, but you're gonna need something bigger for the base - if you don't have access to a swimming pool & hot water, I bet a resourceful dude could probably make do with a bathtub or shower stall -

Good cleaning!

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