Cleaning and Restoring a Terrordrome - Part 1

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Written by JoeMichaels70

Like many of you other Terrordrome Owners know, there's nothing that collects dust like a Terrordrome -- especially if you grew up in the country, and never, EVER dusted your toys. Our Terrordrome sat, unplayed with, for probably close to 8 years. Then it was disassembled and boxed up.

And stayed that way for 11 more years.

And when those boxes were opened up earlier this month... well, it was nasty. Very nasty.

Dust and crap was in every nook and cranny. It stunk. It needed help. The first thing I did after unpacking it was to measure the base of the 'Drome...

For those of you interested, the diameter was 24" *

  • and the reason for this will be revealed at a much later date...

Like I mentioned before, it had already been disassembled... so, all that was left was to put it in the dishwasher... right?


So, it was time for Plan B:

I stuck the hoses and nozzles in Tupperware to soak...

And got some supplies together...

And convinced my daughter that we weren't going swimming in October...

And was reminded how fortunate I was that I had a hot water spigot in the garage...

And started the bathing process on the top ring.

After getting it sudsy, it was time to break out the small brush (nail brush) and the scrubby sponge -- All of the cleaning on the Terrordrome shells were done with just those two items, I never wound up using the toothbrush or bottle brush.

You can see in this picture that a little dishsoap, hotwater, & elbow grease goes a long way:

And in this picture, you can see the underside wasn't too bad - which was good, since I'd lost most of my suds by this point:

I rinsed it & set that aside to dry, and was admiring how well it cleaned up...

No suds left meant I had to dump the cruddy water and start over with fresh for the base:

I hit the base with a jet of water to jumpstart the cleaning:

Once it was submerged, I started to scrub, including moving the Launch doors up & down, getting everything I could:

After I rinsed the base off, and washed the pool out, I set the base down on some towels to dry:

Tomorrow, we put it together and see how it's held up without any TLC for 20+ years!

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