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The award-winning JoeCustoms diorama from the 2009 G.I. Joe Collector Club Convention was a perfect-storm of creativity. This was evident to all of those who saw it in person.


Viperlord had this to say about seeing the completed diorama:

"Amazed silence at the intricacy and sheer amount of custom figures/vehicles.
I also had my nephews (Aged 6 and 11) with me. They were drawn to the dio like a magnet and REALLY wanted to buy it when the base went up for sale. They were so excited that it was hard to keep their hands off of it. I saw many slack jawed kids that weekend and even a few running their own vehicles on the dio. It was great!"

He said that he heard several comments while looking at it:

"'Wow that one's AWESOME!' 'SOOOOO much better than the others!' 'How'd they do that?' 'When did that figure come out? I don't remember him?'"

Kamakura said:

09Dio BA 005.jpg
"I was stunned and very impressed. I know a lot of the guys on Joecustoms and I know that collectively, there is a cubic butt load of talent here. Knowing this does not truly prepare you for an amazing diorama that is compiled of parts made by artists, literally, from all over the world. It is a testament to the talent of the members of this community. I consider my self proud to be a part of it and want to be a bigger part of next year.
I heard a lot of people commenting on the over all lay out. Also the LED's where a big hit with the crowd. There was a lot of 'I wonder how they did that' and 'I have never seen THAT figure before'. Of course those figures in question were customs and I think that people started to catch on when they saw the Joecustoms banner.
I absolutely loved the part of the dio with Snake Eyes behind glass and the stickers used to simulate the cracked glass. I thought that was brilliant. There was so much through out the dio that it was hard to pick out just one thing that was my 'favorite' but this scene was the one that really stuck out to me."

Kingofpain26 commented that:

"I was flabergasted! out of all the Dios they had that were great, the Joecustoms Dio was by far the Best Dio there."

Board member Joeczar had this to say about the diorama:

"I loved the amount of detail that was in the dio. I had heard about the project from the beginning and have kept up with it through the shift from a jungle scene to an arctic scene, and the amount of hard work everyone put in to it really showed in the final product. Looking at it from different angles revealed more details in the dio, and it was loaded with customized figures which really helped to bring attention to our site.
Most of the comments I heard about the dio were with the amount of detail that was in it. People liked looking at all of the little skirmishes that were going on within the dio, some of which were from the cartoon series.
My absolute favorite part of the dio was tucked away in a little corner. In that corner was the cave where Snake Eyes was trapped while retrieving the radioactive crystals, and it looked just like it came directly from the MASS Device miniseries, awesome!
My son also thought the dio was impressive, in fact he took a series of pictures of it with his camera, something he didn't do with any other dio! His favorite part was seeing all of the GI Joe and Cobra soldiers fighting it out."

danielb echoed about the excitement that kids had for the diorama:

"Children loved it. Adults loved it. Did I mention Children loved it? No offense to other fans but adults responses don’t quite mean as much as seeing a child light up as he gets to walk over and look at all the toys playing. I mean really all dio building is, is a reason for us adults to get together and play. I originally had concerns about children getting grabby with it and coming home with a figure missing. I was completely wrong. They gawked, they pointed they asked their parents “where do you buy this at?” Even if they didn’t know what a BET was, dad was always quick to tell them. From Saturday to just before breakdown on Sunday we always had children at the table. That means more than winning ever will."

Winning The Battle of the Boards Diorama Contest

danielb had this to say:

"Winning the contest was great. Even if we weren’t there for it. It does feel good to be rewarded for the work. However, the real fun came from getting to meet IRL the guys that I worked closely with in chat; Badash, Soulgem SilentMaster and Big Tex Wild Phil. On top of that meeting the guys that helped out while we were there; Kamakura, ShadowDude, The Mick and Zombieguide. I know meeting everybody has grown the participants list for next year’s dio."
Back row: Viperlord and his two boys, Dream, Crankcase, Sledgehammer, Soulgem, Silent Master, JoeCzar, Tex Front: Capt. Tomorrow, Kamakura, and JoeCzar Jr.

The Aftermath

09Dio BA 020.jpg

Of course, all good things must come to an end. So where did the diorama end up? danielb answered that questions:

"We attempted to sell it, since I really needed to recoup some of my travel cost. Though we got a few bites early on, it became apparent that a few con goers where hoping we would toss it, so they could save a few bucks.Instead I brought the two end pieces home and trashed the middle piece. One end went to my buddies kid repainted tan... and the end with the mass device cave is crowding my meager Joe room. It is nice to display Joes on, but arctic is one theme I get plenty of IRL."

As for what came out of all of this:

"Really I came out of this knowing more people than I did going in so mission accomplished. I hope next years is even bigger and we meet even more cool Joecustoms members to hangout with. Of course with that I expect next year for us to go even bigger and win even harder. It is certainly not the most important thing, but c’mon, there is no reason Joe customs shouldn’t every contest at the con."

To view more pictures of the award-winning JoeCustoms Diorama, check out the picture gallery.

Also, check out a YouTube videoYouTube video of the diorama taken by Sinchicken.

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