2009 Convention Dio - Article 6: Terrian and Setup

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With so many custom figures and vehicles, they had to have a place to be in the award-winning JoeCustoms diorama from the 2009 G.I. Joe Collector Club Convention. The terrian played a vital role and bring the entire concept together.

The terrian was constructed in modular pieces. As Roxi explained:

"The Terrain is not that tricky. We actually developed a couple of different techniques working with plaster of Paris to build large jungle trees. So for the base we purchased a large piece of heavy weight foam insulation. It can handle spray paint and most chemicals.
For the hills we built frames out of strips of cereal boxes and other small boxes like little Debbie. For large empty spaces we filled the cardboard skeleton in with Styrofoam. Then we used our plaster technique to lay a surface down on everything.
The plaster technique involves really thin watered down plaster, and strips of paper towels. You can form many different types of terrains with this technique, since you can sculpt with the plaster soaked paper towels. It is an easy technique to get the hang of after some trial and error."

But even with modular pieces constructed, those had to be assembled on site and all of the figures and vehicles added. Danielb explained:

"Well the base piece itself was 96 inches long and 42 inches wide with it’s highest point being 16 inches.
Setup took probably close to 5 hours, though it was supposed to be done in 4. The actual Dio set up only took an hour and a half or so, it was displaying all the figures that took time. Since it was the first time most of us have gotten to meet we did a lot of BSing. Hopefully next years we’ll be able to get that out of our system the night before."
09Dio DB DioSetUp45.jpg

Tex explained about the fun of setting up the diorama:

"I LOVED the finished dio. The best part was setting it up, it was like playing with your Joes with your friends all over again. I think that sort of comaradae helped make it look that much better."
09Dio DB DioSetUp46.jpg

Silent Master agreed:

"Once we started putting the Dio together we all had our ideas on how things should be laid out and it was like a group of kid setting up their joes for a large battle like i did and most of us did as kids."
09Dio DB DioSetUp43.jpg

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Also, check out a YouTube videoYouTube video of the diorama taken by Sinchicken.

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