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Standard Cardbacks

1987 G.I. Joe cardbacks remaind mostly unchanged from the 1986 cardbacks. They still featured the Digital Blast effect and 1986 style G.I. Joe logo.

An example of a standard 1987 G.I. Joe cardback with the Fridge promotion sticker.


File:87 Standard Back.psd

  • Required fonts for the back of the 1987 G.I. Joe cardback are as fallows:
    • Arial
    • Teletype

Fridge Promotion Stickers

The Fridge Promotion allowed particeapents to mail away for an exclusive William "The Refridgeirator" Perry G.I. Joe Action Figure. The Fridge Promotional sticker would be added in the lower left hand cornor over the top of the "Swivel Arm Battle Grip" lable. This promotion actually took place in 1987, but many of the figures were from the 1986 line and featured the 1986 style cardback (front) with the addition of the new promotion sticker.

To create this simply turn on the Fridge Promotion layer in the .psd file. The back of these cardbacks had no changes from the standard 1987 cardbacks.

1986 Figures in 1987

It was not unusual for Hasbro to continue to make figures avalible for 2 yeas instead of one. Accordingly many of the figures from 1986 were still being sold domesticly in 1987. The figures featured new 1987 backs to the cardback, but all of the artwork on the front was still the 1986 artwork.

  • To create one of these cardbacks, simply use an older cardback front from the 1986 templates page and use the standard cardback back from the top of this page.

Battle force 2000

Battle Force 200 was introduced in 1987 as the G.I. Joe teams "Fighting Force of the Future". The figures were all new scuplts and each member drove a corrisponding vehicle. Peices of the vehicles all came together to create a base for the team called the Future Fortress. The figures were avalible both single carded and in 3 2-pack configurations.

Single Carded


Cobra La

The Cobra-La 3 Pack featured a lare "Premium" format cardback.

Sgt. Slaughters Renegades

The Renegades 3 Pack featured a lare "Premium" format cardback.

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