Wrist Articulation: Method 2

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Following these steps, you can add a swivel wrist to your customs so that they can more easily hold guns and the like.


Tools needed

  • A good Exacto set
  • Any form of a Dremel with various bits
  • Model parts tree
  • Pliers
  • Super Glue

How To

Step 1

First we begin by cutting off the hand. Make sure that you cut as straight as possible. You can clean up the cut with some sand paper if you get a little uneven as long as you make sure both parts match. Also take note not to sand too much!

Step 2

Using a Dremel, or any version of one, and a drill bit that's smaller than the plastic model tree is round, drill into the wrist as close to the center as you possibly can. 1/4" to 3/8" deep is as far as you need to go. Make a hole in the area that will connect the hand no deeper than 1/8". These drill cuts can be done by hand if you have no other choice, but it's cleaner and easier to have something like a Dremel.

Step 3

Next you will want a place inside the wrist to hold the hand in place. A lip of sorts so your plastic will grab hold. This is done with a dremel bit. They make all types and the one I use is cone shaped. It has a nice flat bottom that you can rotate in the hole that you made on the wrist. I generally do this by hand but you can attach it to the Dremel for a quicker cut. BE CAREFUL if you do this with the Dremel as you can mess up pretty easy. You will need to also use a good flat round cutting bit and a ball bit to clean up and hollow out the inside. The lip will be just a little over 1/8" deep.

Step 4

Prepare your plastic parts from the model runner. Just cut 2 piece anywhere off the round parts about 3/4" long. What you need to do to get the lip on one end is up to you. There are many ways. You can take some flat shavings of plastic to build up the end by gluing it on and sanding it round. You can shave off and sand the piece leaving the end thicker than the rest. You can also melt the end real quickly and sand it even when you are done. This will be up to you, but one you have it you will need to trim it to fit. You have cut it off at 3/4" to allow extra plastic while you shape it but now you need it to fit. I take a toothpick and put one end down the wrist hole. I cut the other end and keep putting the hand in place until it's reasting smooth against the wrist. You can hold the toothpick next to your plastic piece and cut off one end for it to be the exact size. Make sure not to cut off the end with your lip of course.

Step 5

Now super glue the one side into the hand with the lip away from the hand. Eyeball it to make sure it stays straight. It shouldn't take long and you'll have a tight hold.

Step 6

Pop the hand into the wrist joint. If you cut the inside lip correctly you'll hear a snap or pop when the hand slides in. The hand shouldn't come out.

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