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User profile and the user CP

Need updated write-up

How do I change my account details?

Need updated write-up

How do I change my avatar?

Need updated write-up

How do I change my signature?

Need updated write-up

I can't stay logged in - what's happening?

Staying logged in is managed by the site putting a cookie on your computer - your browser or firewall settings may prevent this. Alternatively some virus scanners can delete all cookies when they scan. In any other event put a query in the board's Site Stuff forum or email the admin.

I checked "email me when I get a new PM / new post in this thread", but I'm not getting them!

Check your spam folder, your mail program or firewall may be blocking them as spam. If not check that you saved your preferences when you changed them.

How do I get a user title?

The user title is a small message appearing between either the user location and avatar, or username and avatar. There are two types, "ranks" and group designations. Group designations are for site staff such as admins. moderators, gallery staff, wiki editors and site sponsors only.

"Ranks" are distributed by Beav as a dubious award for something the poster has said, done or become noted for. Repeatedly asking for one will greatly reduce your chances of ever getting one, or result in one you wouldn't want (of course, most titles are ones you wouldn't want...).

Why are some member's names in different colours?

Simply an identifyer: XXX is for a regular user, XXX is for moderators, and XXX is for board administrators.

I can't find an old thread no matter how I search - where is it?

Some of the board sections have an auto deletion system so threads that haven't been posted in for some time are removed. This is to prevent thread necromancy and reduce server load.

I'm new, how should I act?

Read up on the rules] and, to quote Beav, "it all boils down to "Don't be a dick to your fellow posters".

I don't know exactly where to post a new topic, what should I do?

Just post it where you think it goes, if it's not in the right spot a moderator will move it to the correct one.

Brawler, sammiches, Dassaffe... what's it all mean?

Check out the Meta section for information on site running jokes.

How do I attach a picture to my post?

Need updated write-up

How do I put a link / image / quote etc in my post?

The board software supports several methods - first is clicking the insert button above the text box when posting, the second is to manually type the tags.

Embedded images, links and email addresses

Need updated write-up

Quotes and spoiler text

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Manually putting in tags

If you know the correct code ([url] [/url] for links etc) it can be manually entered into the post text box and will display as if you used the buttons - this also works in the quick reply box.

My question isn't answered here, what can I do?

Post a query in the Site Stuff forum, check the board help or email the admin.

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