OMG! Deth of teh line!!1!

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OMG wiki entry! Deth of teh line!!1!
OMG wiki entry! Deth of teh line!!1!

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OMG wiki entry! Deth of teh line!!1!

A comment originating from the 'hiatus' period, OMG! Deth of teh line!!1! was originally used to parody and extreme reaction to the news:

Post 1: "I just heard Joe is on hiatus while they re-evaluate the line's future! Hasbro are going to can the line and never bring it back despite what they say! No more Joes ever!!!!"

Post 2: "OMG Joe iz on teh hiatus! Deth of teh line!!1!"

As it turned out the extreme over-reaction was overdone with the introduction of Hasbro's DTC store. OMG! Deth of teh line!!1! then mutated to cover anything happening in Joedom, such as when the DTC store issued a 35% discount before Christmas, and then again after the sale when the store's prices went up. Other uses include anything to do with the Devils Due comic (OMG starting from numbah zero! Deth of teh line!!1!), Master Collector's exclusives (OMG Brian lied! Deth of teh line!!1!) or any Joe news at all (OMG Misha iz a gurl! Deth of teh line!!1!).

The miss-spelling is intentional, as it is 'internet speak' used to parody extreme reactions to minor or inconclusive news, often involving large misspellings and numerous exclamation marks.

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