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  • General's Joes - One of the founders of the modern GI Joe dio-stories.
  • The Inner Sanctum - Violentfix's fantastic photography and sets are worth checking out.
  • Tim's Croner - Some of the best GI Joe Dio stories from one of the legends.
  • Check Point Alpha - This is the home of two of the best on going dio stories from Camper and Spin Doctor.
  • Moto-viper's Bizzare - This is the home of the single worst on going dio by Moto-viper.

General Fan Sites



  • Small Joes - Find all of your GI Joe and 1/18 scale fixes here.
  • Marauder Inc. - Arm all of your troops with these outstanding weapons.
  • Big Bad Toy Store - Everything from Joes to Transformers to Star Wars.
  • Bounty Hunter Toys - A Canadian store that offers a large online inventory of Joes, Star Wars, Wrestling figures and more.
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