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* [ Jeff's Webpage] - Jeff's Customs
* [ Jeff's Webpage] - Jeff's Customs
* [ Holesnipe's Customs] - Figures, Vehicles, Dio Resources
* [ Holesnipe's Customs] - Figures, Vehicles, Dio Resources
*[ Commando Customs] - GI Joe customs in all its incarnations as well as Star Wars and other miscellaneous characters and scales.
*[ Wowboy's Customs and Dios] - GI Joe customs and Wowboy's ongoing dio story saga.

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Feel free to add your own links to the appropriate categories.




  • General's Joes - One of the founders of the modern GI Joe dio-stories.
  • The Inner Sanctum - Violentfix's fantastic photography and sets are worth checking out.
  • Tim's Corner - Some of the best GI Joe Dio stories from one of the legends.
  • Check Point Alpha - This is the home of two of the best on going dio stories from Camper and Spin Doctor.
  • Moto-viper's Bizzare - This is the home of the single worst on going dio by Moto-viper.
  • Luke Ellison's Dios - Home of The Sanguis Legacy.
  • - A whole site dedicated to Joe Dios.
  • Midgarn's Dio-Stories - Midgarn's ongoing dio-story and some humorous mini-dios, along with dossier files to tell who all his customs are.

General Fan Sites

  • General's Joes - This is the place for reviews of the figures and vehicles.
  • Mike's Forgotten Figures and Mike's Forgotten Archive - Mike T's articles on over looked figures are always entertaining and educational.
  • Joe*Battlelines - Home of the Daily News, figure reviews, as well as the ever-popular Magnum6Delta and Sigma6Central!
  • Moto-viper's Bizzare - An eclectic collection of silly captions, strange photoshops, stupid reviews and more.
  • Army4One - A Christian organized message board for Joe fans to discuss their faith, and well, anything else.
  • Joe Canuck - A Canadian GI Joe forum and the only place you'll find info on the annual Joe Canuck Meet.
  • Joe's G.I.Joe site - Customs, info, fan stories, and lots of other things.



  • Small Joes - Find all of your GI Joe and 1/18 scale fixes here.
  • Marauder Inc. - Arm all of your troops with these outstanding weapons.
  • Big Bad Toy Store - Everything from Joes to Transformers to Star Wars.
  • Good to Go Customs - original sculpts of 1/18 scale heads, weapons, and parts fodder as well as personal stores of other customizers.
  • DioDrama - Downloadable displays for your action figures.
  • Plastruct - World's leading supplier of plastic model parts for every facet of miniature building.
  • Much to Buy - A website offering toys, t-shirts, crafts, and so much more. Or in other words, Much to Buy!
  • JoeArmory - Wide selection of oringed and 25th style figures, parts, and accessories. Run by board member Zombie Guide.
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