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[[Category:Custom Celebration IV]]Over the years, the JoeCustoms Awards (JCA) have been a place to see some of the best of the best in world of customizing.
In [http://www.joecustoms.com/features/jcas/jcas.php?y=2006 2006], the award for best Cobra custom went to LIVEVIL for his [http://www.joecustoms.com/customs/customs_specific_item.php?kind=figure&id=5891 Major Bludd] custom.
The next year in [http://www.joecustoms.com/features/jcas/jcas.php?y=2007 2007], the award for best Joe custom went to LIVEVIL for his [http://www.joecustoms.com/customs/customs_specific_item.php?kind=figure&id=6657 Gung-Ho] custom.
Here is what '''LIVEVIL''' had to say about this award-winning custom.
== Tell us about why you made this figure…what was your motivation? ==
My motivation for making both Major Bludd and Gung-Ho was basically the same.These were two great characters with unique designs that suffered from a poor figure, like most GI Joe figures from 1982-84. Then again, it’s not fair to say that. I liked the original figures Hasbro made but once ball-neck joints came around and the figures got more detailed and proportionate, becoming the new standard, it blew away everything that came before that. I like to imagine that if Hasbro decided to completely redo all the 1982-84 figures this way, it would be incredible. Anyway, I always felt that Major Bludd and Gung-Ho’s original designs are their best and most defining and even after all the other new designs that have since come for these two, it is their original designs that still have universal appeal and are the ones I like best. If you were to ask me which one between these two I liked best overall, I'd have to say Major Bludd.
== How did you make this figure? ==
One thing I particularly wanted to avoid doing when making these guys was using any parts from their past figures. I wanted to completely redo them head to toe from scratch, so to speak, working only off their designs. I took reference from their original figures as well as their comic book and cartoon appearances, applying a little bit from each to the customs.
== How did you felt when you learned that you had won the JoeCustoms Award for this figure? ==
I was quite surprised actually. I was certainly glad to see that people voted for my work. With all the great work that was turned out from the many talented customizers out there, I didn’t think my work would get noticed as much if at all but I’m glad to see that my work is still recognized and appreciated.
== What would you would do differently, if anything, if you did this custom today ==
Oh boy…that could take a while. I’m sure I have said this before but I am my own worst critic and if I were to do Major Bludd and Gung Ho today, there are some things I would do differently but I think the end result would still be pretty much the same. I am very satisfied with my work on the both of them.
== Tell us a little bit about the types of customs, if any, that you are working on these days.  Are you still active in customizing Joes? Moved on? ==
I’m still doing customs. I’ve been working on my backlog of unfinished customs I’ve had piling up over the past few years which includes many original characters of my creation and some non-Joe comic book characters. I’ve also been doing a bit of commission work. I don’t get to post my work as often as I’d like to but don’t worry if you haven’t seen me in a while, I’m always cooking up something…

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