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  • Will SONY release the original cartoons on DVD this year? A: Sony will

not be releasing the original cartoons on DVD this year. > > * How do you feel about customizers and the customizing community? A: We love customizers. G.I. Joe is your brand. In fact, the new 25th body was specifically designed so that customization could be easy. > > * What role do fan sites have in Hasbro's vision for the brand? A: Fans and fan sites are crucial to the brand. The 25th Anniversary line is all about the fans. That is why activities like this Q&A, web polls, and releases on gijoeclub.com are so important to us as we move forward. We check the boards all the time to see what the buzz is. > > * Will there be any more opportunities to 'Army Build' other types of > troopers (GIJOE and Cobra) like the Viper Pit pack? A: Definitely! Expect lots more army builders! > > * If the "Comic Pack" format will continue as indicated in your > previous response, what era of figures can we expect to see with these > new comic packs: classic, new, or 25th anniversary? A: Any new figures in the near-term will be 25th Anniversary.

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