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Here is a list of the GI Joe line's vehicles from 1982-1994 and the most likely parts they are missing. Chances are if you have a vehicle, it is missing one of these parts. This list was compiled on the board, but mostly from Airtight, our resident vehicle guru.



Ram - Saddlebags

Hal - support leg, computer

Mobat - machine gun

Jump - cord/ gun (unbroken)

MMS - attached console/stand

VAMP mk I - gas cans, steering wheel


All pacrats - remotes (Flamethrower - unbroken legs)

APC - seat belt

Dragonfly - chin gun

Wolverine - tow cable

Headquarters - antenna, cameras, guns, unbroken jail walls, radar

Polar Bear - roll bar

HISS - unbroken guns

Fang - unbroken roll bar

Snake - weapon attachments, stand

Whirlwind - computer, gun covers

Skystriker - parachutes, seats

Viper and Falcon Gliders - very fragile styrofoam


Whale - vane & fan assembly (unbroken), missile boxes, missiles, depth charges, recon cycle

Skyhawk - stabilizers

Slugger - machine gun

Manta - unbroken gun, missile

Water Moccasin - unbroken skipedo, link bar, canopy window

ASP - blast shields

Claw - gun cover, missiles

Bivouac - canteen, cot legs, machete, axe, shovel

Machine Gun Defense - unbroken hedgehogs

Missile Defense - unbroken missile launcher, stands

Mountain Howitzer - shells

Watch tower - flag, light, gun (plus unbroken pegs)

Stinger - steering wheel, missiles

VAMP mk II - steering wheel, gas cans, missiles

Rattler (VTOL) - landing gear (unbroken), rear gunner's canopy


Awe striker - hose/tube

Bomb disposal - mines

Bridge layer - unbroken lift arm

Mauler - antennas, mudflaps, smoke launchers, tow cable

Silver mirage - grenades, lights (sidecar & cycle), windshields

Snow cat - windshield wiper, unbroken missile box

Tactical platform - rifles, engine covers (two distinct covers)

Weapon transport - antenna, steering wheel

Cat - machine gun

Moray - lens light, depth charge, unbroken rear machine guns

Ferret - hose, missiles, storage cover

Flight pod - unbroken gun

Night Landing - knife, machine gun, shovel, engine prop, steering rod

Snake (blue) - same as 83

SMS - missiles, stand, console

Check Point Alpha - antenna, clipboard

Forward observer - pup tent, stand, scope

Rifle range - stands, rifles, sign


Conquest - canards

Devilfish - black hoses

LCV - periscope

Tomahawk - intakes

Air chariot - snake head & jaw, stabilizers, knob

Night Raven - windscreen, cockpit (unbroken), front strut cover, drone engine and guns

Stun - flags (unbroken), machine gun (unbroken), engine covers, hub caps

Outpost Defender - rifles, antenna

Surveillance port - antenna, radar

Dreadnok air assault - same as fang & sky hawk

Dreadnok Ground assault - same as ram & stinger

Swampfire - rotor head

Thunder machine - antenna, mirror

USS Flagg - "Y" pins x 2, deck clips x 16, radar mast cap, purge valve, rear deck railing, arrestor hook, tow truck tow and driver's chair, fuel truck's hose and nozzles, working microphone, crane hook and engine cover


Coastal Defender - ramp

Crossfire(s) - antenna sleeve, gun sights, missiles, restraint, guns, missiles

Defiant - See below for Defiant

MCC - hook for crane, rear missiles, lubes and hoses

Road toad - missiles, engine cover, hook & string

Slam - missiles

Buzz boar - missiles

Jet pack - missiles

Maggot - radar dish (unbroken)

Mamba - exhaust port (unbroken), tail fins

Pogo - antenna, tubes (long & short)

Wolf - side skis, unbroken canopies

Dominator - antenna, hatch covers

Eliminator - missiles

Marauder - radar dish

Sky sweeper - antenna, missiles

Vector - missiles, covers, landing gear

Vindicator - missiles, radar assembly

Dreadnok Cycle - pintle, gun shields, exhaust pipes

Terrordrome - doors' struts and posts, gun caps, gun chairs, fuels hoses and nozzles

Firebat - long missiles, short missiles, guns, landing gears

Defiant Complex

Defiant shuttle - nose cone, consoles, arm, tail fins


Desert Fox - antenna, front axel (unbroken)

Mean Dog - Gun ring, support legs

Phantom - nose cap, missiles, slides (for the cockpit), gun levers, seat belts

Rolling thunder - antennas, chin gun, large gun muzzle, hatch, chin turret

RPV - long tube

Skystorm - rotor blade, hatch cover

Swampmasher - roll bar, missiles

Warthog - engine cover, antenna, smoke launchers

Adder - lift arm

Bugg - front guns (unbroken), intakes, exhausts, sled missiles, rudder (unbroken), rudder connector

Imp - mines

Stellar Stiletto - clamp

Demon - small cockpit gun

Despoiler - gun & ring

Night Blaster - Same as Maggot

Night Raider - Same as Triple T

Night Shade - Same as SHARC

Night Storm - Same as Persuader

Night Striker - Same as WHALE


Arctic blast - front guns

Crusader - console arms, tail fins, nose cone, tether

Mudfighter - side wings

Radar Rat/ Triblaster - unbroken antenna

Raider - scout craft dome, missile nose cones, unbroken gun hoses

Thunderclap - antenna, carriage missiles

Condor - large bombs, gun & gun ring

Devastator/ Hovercraft - antenna

Hiss II - missile, seat clip

Evader - guns

Razorback - bumper, antenna, radar

Pulverizer - undamaged extension tube

Night Boomer - Same as Skystriker

Night Ray - Same as Hydrofoil

Night Scrambler - Same as APC


Avalanche - gray missile, hoses, gun nozzle

General - antenna, small missile, unbroken cockpit covers, locust bombs, working sound box

Hammer - tripod, ammo strip, side gun platforms (unbroken), gas can, unbroken whip antenna, engine detail, connector, shaft & steering wheel

Locust - bomb

Mobile Battle Bunker - entire top gun assembly

Retaliator - bomb, hook, string, rocket

Dictator - guns

Hammerhead - antenna, front guns

Hurricane - unbroken missiles

Piranha - antennas, depth charges

Rage - mines, hand rail

Dominator - missile


Attack Cruiser - mines, glider

Battle Wagon - string & hook, front gun, side guns

Brawler - grenades, armor panel

Ice Sabre - all (unbroken) except guns and missles)

Paralyzer - unbroken tube/hose on the gun

Battle copters - zip lines

Gliders - guns and glider is fragile


Barracuda - unused dive action tablet - in fact I don't think I've ever seen one

Headquarters - missile, tripod

Patriot - mortars, antenna

Earthquake - mortar levers

Parasite - bombs

Rat - spinning launchers

Battle copters & gliders - same as 1991

Fort America - thin missiles, flag


Shark 9000 - missiles, water tube, mine, sharkpedo

Detonator - foam missile

Monster blaster - lift arm, bracket

Invader - antenna, missile launcher

Dino Hunter - antenna, steering wheel


Blockbuster - missiles, tread, missile launcher door

Manta-ray - rubberband, propeller

Razor-Blade - spring launcher

Scorpion - gas can

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