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The list below was compiled to help collectors realize what accessories might give them the most trouble to track down. Realize that this list is subjective. What might be really easy for one person to get might take years for another person to come across. Regardless, if you ever see them, you should pick them up. Somebody is bound to be in need of them.

==Mics== (because no kid could keep a mic)


Heavy Metal

Lift Ticket

Cold Front

NF Sneak Peak

Sneak Peek

Dee Jay



Hard Top pistol (the hardest to find accessory ever)

Recalled Battle Corps Roadblock disk launcher

Keel Haul pistol

Zap double handle bazooka

Mail-in Cobra Ninja Viper swords

Skymate boomerang and bow

Sgt. Slaughter baton

Cobra Commander v.4 glider and launcher

Head Hunter shotgun

Flint shotgun

Rumbler gun with strap

Decimator pistol

Rock n Roll v.1 M-60 with bipod

Dusty v.1 FAMAS with bipod

Firefly v.1 rifle

Bullhorn breakdown rifle

Crazy Legs gun with stock

Outback gun with strap

Steam Roller knife

Battle Corps Roadblock machine gun

Airdevil pistol

Night Vulture bow

Storm Shadow v.1 bow

Storm Shadow v.1 nunchuck

Storm Shadow v.1 swords

SAW Viper v.1 bipod and ammo belt


Star Duster

Airwave with visor

Altitude with visor

Drop Zone with visor

Dino Hunter Ambush

Sky Dive


Static Line

Skymate visor

Air Devil visor

Aero Viper

Secto Viper


Sky Striker helmet

Worms with antenna


82-83 visors


Steel Brigade gold helmet

Payload v.1 and v.2 with control arms

Blizzard with handles

Listen and Fun Tripwire


Listen and Fun Tripwire mines and mine detector

NF Tunnel Rat flashlights

NF Outback flashlight

Deep Six bilge pump with hose and connector

Royal Guard antenna

Zartan's thigh pads, mask, and stickers

Firefly walkie talkie

AVAC parachute

Dino Hunter dinosaur

Deep Six v.3 dolphin

Airtight rebreather hose

Eels oxygen mask hose

Wet Suit oxygen mask hose

Snow Serpent v.1 parachute

Dee Jay antenna

Tunnel Rat flashlights

Outback flashlight

Mainframe walkie talkie

Croc Master mouthpiece hose

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