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Custom Gallery Guidelines:

1. You must use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization. If you do not, your submission will be denied and you will have to re-submit a corrected one. If you do not take enough pride in your work to proofread your submission, then I feel it's not worth my time listing it. Non-English speaking members are not immune from this rule and should seek out help in making sure their submissions are written properly.

2. You are required to fill in all fields except for "Optional Additional Pictures".

3. Keep in mind the 150 KB filesize limit and 800 wide X 800 high dimension limit on pictures. If you're having trouble meeting this limit, please try this tutorial on how to get your file below the filesize limit.

4. Be aware of the 400 character minimum requirement for the "Bio/About" field.

5. Pressing "enter" in the "Parts used" and "Bio/About" fields will be translated into the proper HTML code for a new line of text or new paragraph.

6. Your own HTML code is not allowed in any of the fields.

7. URLs are not allowed in any of the fields.

8. The custom will be denied if it has nothing to do with GI Joe, does not use GI Joe compatible parts, is not based on a GI Joe character, or is not explained as fitting into the GI Joe universe in the bio section.

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