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Where did the forum name Blood Brigade come from?

Well to be honest I don't really like it very much but people know me now so it's too late to change it. It came from a group of figures I made called The Bludd Brigade led by Major Bludd. I don't remember why I changed it to just Blood.

When working on a vehicle custom, do you start with the vehicles shells and turn them into something, or do you start with a vision of the finished custom and find the best vehicles to combine to form that vision?

Usually when I build something I've already built it in my head. I think if you're into customizing figures or vehicles you probably have the vision to see what something will look like after you've built it or how you can change it. Sometimes though I like to just get a bunch of random parts and just build something with them. It's way more challenging and some of my favorite customs have come from this. Also I like to build things that are just funny and don't make sense, like my flying Stinger The Rattle Sting.

How do you achieve such smooth seamless cuts for your modifications?

I just take the time to make sure my lines are straight, I don't like crooked and I don't like sloppy. Making sure everything is straight and level is so important or else it will just look like garbage. I will rip apart an entire build no matter how far along it is if I notice something is off. I also try and build things in a way where the cuts don't show at all or I cover them up. Some may to realize this but I don't use any fillers at all.

What’s the toughest project you ever worked on and what did you take away from that process?

My Schwimwagon was my toughest custom to date, all the cutting and scratch building an entire new floor, door panels and transmission tunnel so it looked like an actual car not just a shell. It also has a lot of small parts that were challenging to work with. On top of all that was sealing it with silicone so it floated. That stuff is messy.

I took away the satisfaction of creating exactly what I wanted. I will never build another one.

What project did you have the most fun working on?

Which custom fodder do you wish you had a larger surplus of?

Do you remember your first custom?

What piece of advice would you give to a customizer getting ready to cut up their first vehicle?

What is the dream custom you’d like to tackle but just haven’t had the time or resources to make happen just yet?

They are making a movie about you, what one vehicle and/or figure do you make sure they show the actor portraying you with? Also, who would play you?

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