2009 Convention Dio - Article 1: The Concept

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The G.I. Joe Collector Club Convention in Kansas City on August 13-16, 2009 featured a Battle of the Boards style diorama contest. JoeCustoms won the competition with a combination of custom figures, vehicles, and terrain. This is one of several articles interviewing those who were involved in the diorama creation and experience it in person.

One of the main motivators for this project was board member danielb. When asked about how the artic diorama came about, he had lots of insight:

"Conceptualizing! So as anyone that keeps up on the board knows this whole project started out as a Jungle dio. It was really the third in our chat custom contest started up by hulk hogan. A bunch of fun little contests that teamed us up with other chat regulars and allowed us to get to know each other a bit better.
So after two contests, we seemed to lose a bit of steam. In fact I don’t recall the 2nd contest ever concluding. At some point I started talking to Ash and Carn and anyone else that would listen, about doing a group project and opening it to the board. The idea being that we’d all formed tight friendships in chat and meeting others from the board should build even more friendships.
So we started planning... And were it not for a huge logistical SNAFU and an ill timed VA appointment we would have had a ridiculously large jungle diorama. However that is a dio for another time. Once that was put to the side Ash figured we had two months we should be able to put together an arctic dio, and thus the real planning began.
When it was first brought to me the thought was to base it on the BET getting attacked from GI Joe The Movie. Mostly just custom figures, and scene specific vehicles probably on a white table cloth.
Now at the time I didn’t believe I’d be going to the con, but I figured a three part modular base would be doable, and according to the post office website and a teller it should be relatively inexpensive to ship. So I told Ash to "forget the blanket, I can hook you up with a base." I figured I owed it to them and I did.
Now every good story needs a Macguffin, in fact the writers of the old joe cartoon are always talking about Hitchcock and his plotting style in their interviews. So our Macguffin to start was the BET, but then that evolved to having multiple Macguffins so we could have a lot going on in that barren white wasteland.
A few guys, Carn in particular, had always talked about doing SNAKE armors with their rocky backs from the Mass Device cartoon. So Roxi and I cooked up a prefab snap on back for SNAKE armors, and built a scale cave to emulate the cartoons. For us design work on a project like this is as easy as throwing a dvd into the player or opening the comic. Almost everything we created had some sort of grounding in existing joe media. I do believe going back to the source is what really helped our dio have the feel down of actually being GI Joe."

Truly, the diorama captured the feel of the battle between Joe and Cobra.

To view more pictures of the award-winning JoeCustoms Diorama, check out the picture gallery.

Also, check out a YouTube videoYouTube video of the diorama taken by Sinchicken.

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